Silent Devil and Josh Wagner Team Up For New Project

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA: Silent Devil, publishers of Dracula vs. King Arthur and The Devil's Panties, have announced a publishing deal with creator Josh Wagner for Fiction Clemens. Part science-fiction, part western and part psychedelic: Fiction Clemens centers on a cross-dressing cowboy living on a Wild West-type planet that must break his cycle of violence to lead his people into the Space Age.

"This is a different kind of story," says Wagner. "Clemens is trapped in a cycle of old west Karma or de ja vu. He has these mystical experiences, but he's really down to earth. A Zen gun-slinger. It's a gun fighter story that's designed to blow your mind."

Fiction Clemens has already been in a novel and, most recently, a movie trailer on the Fiction Clemens website (www.fictionclemens.org). In 2007, Silent Devil will publish the full length comic book story and help launch the Fiction Clemens webcomic.

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