Silent Devil and 666 Photography Team Up For "Halloween Man"

Silent Devil & Halloween Man have teamed up with renowned pin-up model Jami Deadly and Austin based 666 photography to create a unique cover for the upcoming "Halloween Man: Superdeformed."

The upcoming project features art by Nicola (Birds of Prey, Star Wars) Scott, David (Blue Beetle) Baldeón, and Ben (Dead@17) Hall. It collects several stories from the popular web comic, but also two brand new tales of twisted fun. The diamond order code is AUG07 3961 and it retails for the horrifically low price of $9.99. Gail Simone calls Halloween Man "a hit waiting to happen." Check out the preview below for the photo cover and 4 pages of Scott's art work.

Check out more on Halloween Man at the following link.


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