Silencer, DC's Newest Hero, Has a Surprising (and Major) Batman Connection

The Demon's Daughter

Talia al Ghul, one-time lover to the Batman and Damian Wayne's mother, comes looking for Honor Guest with a warning. There is currently a power struggle taking place inside Leviathan, the shadow organization Talia originally founded. Leviathan was the primary antagonist in Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated, with one of the series' biggest events being Damian's death at the hands of his clone Heretic.

Honor Guest is the only person to be released from the Underlife by Talia, so the Demon's Daughter feels like she owes it to Honor Guest to give her a head's up on the incoming threat, along with a small device. We're not privy to what the item is, but we see it in action near the end of the issue, when Talia and Silencer are attacked by Leviathan's Bloodvessel and Breacher. Once activated, Talia's gift engulfs Silencer in a full-body suit, allowing Honor Guest to get a drop on her attackers.

Silencer's weapon emits a laser beam similar to her Zone of Silence, so the two must work off of the same energy source. Even after being retired for six years, Silencer proves she's not a woman to be take lightly. A mysterious Mr. Remedy appears to be the head of Leviathan now, and he's got his sights set on Talia and Silencer. The daughter of Ra's al Ghul is his initial target, but once Mr. Remedy discovers Silencer has been reactivated, he puts the hit out on her as well.

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We're left to wait and see what happens to Blake and Ben. Will Silencer tell them the truth about her past as an agent of Leviathan? Why has she been marked for death? And will Batman eventually play a role as the series continues? Leviathan hasn't played a major role in the DC Universe since Batman Incorporated came to a close, but the organization looks primed for a renaissance as The Silencer continues with its next issue on February 28.

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