Silencer, DC's Newest Hero, Has a Surprising (and Major) Batman Connection

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for The Silencer #1, by John Romita, Jr., Dan Abnett, Sandra Hope, Dean White and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

The New Age of DC Heroes is adding new protagonists to DC Comics' roster of characters, with the star of The Silencer (Honor Guest) holding a unique connection to one of the larger corners of the DC Universe. Honor Guest has retired from her former career in the superhero world, content with her new life alongside husband and son.

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But when a familiar face comes to warn Honor Guest of a suspected attack, the Silencer will have no choice but to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe, at any cost.

Supermarket Sweep

We catch up with Silencer during a store run with her son, Ben. From first glance, she seems like a typical mother who appreciates an ordinary life. Things take a turn, however, in the store parking lot as Honor Guest is packing the car. A rather large gentleman by the name of Killbox confronts her, and apparently, they know one another from Honor Guest's previous life as Silencer. Killbox -- an enhanced individual with vestigial organics in a bio-modded combat chassis -- is there to bring Honor Guest in on behalf of the Underlife, when we get to see Silencer's powers in action. She can create what's called "The Zone of Silence," where all sound in her immediate vicinity is muted. From there, Silencer systematically dismantles Killbox with nothing more than her wits, and a pack of pencils.

Now that Killbox is out of the way, readers get a glimpse into Honor Guest's suburban household. Silencer adopted the name Honor Guest six years ago, wherein she's been married to her husband Blake for five years, and had Ben three years ago. On the outside looking in, Silencer's new life couldn't be more perfect, until an unexpected visitor with a connection to Batman arrives before dinner.

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