10 Signs That The Young Avengers Are Coming To The MCU

The MCU has been knocking it out of the park lately, and a lot of that has to do with their extensive and meticulous planning (credit to Kevin Feige and his coworkers for that). Recently, fans have become convinced that we're going to be seeing the Young Avengers as early as Phase 4 — and we couldn't be more excited about it.

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There are a few different iterations of the Young Avengers (much like the Avengers themselves), so it wouldn't take too much work to get this team up and running. And if that wasn't enough, consider all of the little tidbits and breadcrumbs that have been left for fans to find.

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10 Disney+ Rumors

Young Avengers feature

One of the biggest reasons fans believe we'll be seeing the Young Avengers soon is due to the rumors circulating around Disney+. Now, there are a few key factors to take into account here. First, we already know that all Disney+ series are directly tied into the MCU — and thus they can theoretically cross over at any point. The other thing to keep in mind is the fact that they're actively working on getting out as many series as possible. So anything is likely, if not possible, at this point in time.

With that in mind: there are rumors that Disney+ is working on (or considering) a Young Avengers or Champions series. They haven't made any formal announcements yet...but it could happen any day, especially given the recent trend of continuous announcements.

9 Need for LGBT+ Characters

Kevin Feige is aware that the MCU could use more diverse characters — including characters who are actively and openly out. And he promised/hopes that they'll be including more in the impending phase or two.

Several of the Young Avengers fit perfectly into that description. So they would make the perfect team to introduce, should Marvel want to showcase one of their more diverse (and young) teams.

8 Kate Bishop's Series

You likely already know this bit of news: Kate Bishop is getting her own Disney+ series. She'll be sharing it with Clint Barton. The series is going to focus on the two Hawkeyes and their adventures. And it'll be heading our way very soon.

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Kate Bishop is one of the consistent members of the Young Avengers team. So her appearance is more proof that we'll be seeing her allies and friends following close behind her. Having a few anchor characters (meaning, characters with their own movies or series) to support a team would certainly help.

7 Cassie Lang's Presence

Another member of the Young Avengers is the one and only Cassie Lang. As in Scott Lang's (Ant-Man) daughter. We believe that they intentionally cast Cassie so young so we could see his influence on his daughter — making it easier to believe her sudden jump to becoming a superhero in her own right.Having her grow up five years only further supports our theory. Suddenly, Cassie is old enough to become a hero. More importantly, she saw something truly awful happen to the world around her, and for a time it took her dad from her as well. So she has all the motivation needed to step up and do what she feels is right.

6 Teddy Altman aka Hulkling

Teddy Altman is a complicated character. He's a Super Skrull — but in the comics, he's also one of the few who don't want to follow along with their given agenda. With the major change to the way Skrulls are handled in the MCU (read: they're not the bad guys anymore), they've also paved the way for Teddy's appearance.

You see, this would give Teddy all the reason to be on Earth. In fact, we already know that many Skrulls were living near Earth for a while, in hopes of hiding from the Kree. So it's not too far-fetched to believe that he'd return to Earth (or already be living there) and try to return the favor.

5 William Kaplan aka Wiccan

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William Kaplan is another complicated character, but he would fit in with the MCU in more ways than one. He's the magical member on the team (a requirement for any good Marvel team), and he's also Teddy's fiance.

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Wiccan has a complicated history, his family ties rivaling those of many others. He has connections to Scarlet Witch and her side of the MCU, so he could easily be introduced during her impending series with Vision. In fact, we're hoping that'll happen.

4 Thomas Shepherd aka Speed

You've likely heard or seen the rumors that Quicksilver will be coming back to the MCU. These whisperings have been circulating ever since Infinity War was announced. But what if we had it wrong? What if it wasn't Quicksilver coming back, but a new speedster being brought into the MCU?

Thomas Shepherd, aka Speed, is exactly what you might imagine, given his alias. He's a speedster, and the MCU could use one of those right about now. Like William, his family ties are complicated, but that also means he could get introduced alongside his friend and reincarnated brother — like we said, it's complicated.

3 Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is known as Ms. Marvel. She picked up the mantle after Carol Danvers left it, and she's been rocking the title ever since. And we have plenty of reasons to assume that we'll be seeing her all over the MCU in future years.

Ms. Marvel isn't technically a member of the Young Avengers — but if we assume that they're blending the Young Avengers and Champions into one team (which seems likely), then her inclusion is a given.Plus, she's already been granted her own series through Disney+. Ms. Marvel has been an enormously popular character since her series began, and she was even head of the Champions for a while. So it wouldn't be a large leap to figure she'll end up in the Young Avengers, if and when that series appears.

2 Miles Morales aka Spider-Man

Spider-Man Miles Morales costume

Miles Morales' Spider-Man is another character who's actually a member of the Champions, but again, he fits in well with the Young Avengers. So we're running with it.

Miles has actually already been introduced in movies — recall Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. That movie was a hit, so we figure we'll be seeing him more in the MCU (assuming Sony and Disney work things out, that is). Miles would make for a strong addition to the team, and since he's already so familiar to many fans, it wouldn't take much to introduce him.

1 Riri Williams aka Ironheart

Like the two characters listed above, Ironheart isn't actually in the Young Avengers; but she is a Champion. And she'd fit in well with the team. We also have plenty of reasons to expect her inclusion in the MCU in the near future.

In the comics, it's actually Iron Lad that is part of the Young Avengers. However, Kevin Feige has basically shut down the possibility of seeing Iron Lad for the near future (it's probably too soon). But he never said no to Ironheart.

In fact, Robert Downy Jr. has reportedly expressed interest in seeing (and helping) an Ironheart series or movie get off the ground. So with his support, we could see Ironheart taking the place of Iron Lad in the MCU and in the Young Avengers.

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