Signed Comics from DC & Dynamic Forces This April

Official Press Release

February 6, 2006, RUNNEMEDE, NJ – Beginnings and endings in April as Dynamic Forces today released images and information concerning their DC signed Comics for April!

The BIGGEST event in the DCU – Infinite Crisis comes to an end in April and DF is offering signed copies of this final issue by stellar interior artist Phil Jimenez. Don't miss out on this one to complete your DF/Infinite Crisis collection.

Out of the ashes, rises Checkmate and cover artist Lee Bermejo sings issue #1 of the all-new checkmate series for DF. Returning legend Ron Marz unleashes Ion and signs Ion #1 – featuring Kyle Rayner – for DF in April!

One of our favorite creators – Ale Garza – is back and WildStorm's got him! Be sure to check out Skye Runner #1 and pick up a signed copy from DF and ale Garza.

The following items are available for PRE-ORDER from your local comics shop (reserve yours today!), or directly from Dynamic Forces (and are scheduled to ship in APRIL):

· INFINITE CRISIS #7 - Signed by AWESOME artist Phil Jimenez! FEB063023

The top selling DC series of '05 shines with phenomenal art by Phil Jimenez! The awe-inspiring conclusion to the miniseries event of the year! What more can be said?

· CHECKMATE #1 - Signed by cover artist Lee Bermejo! FEB063024

Check out Lee (Lex Luthor) Bermejo as he checks in on DC's newest Checkmate! Checkmate holds the line. Cross it -- and they'll take you off the board. Permanently.

In this thrilling new ongoing series, the team behind the blockbuster OMAC PROJECT -- writer Greg Rucka & artist Jesus Saiz -- return with a different spy agency for a different world. INFINITE CRISIS has changed the DCU, and Checkmate has shaped its hard-learned lessons into a new game plan.

· ION #1 - Signed by Ron Marz! FEB063025

Former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner writer tackles the character he helped develop! Following the events of INFINITE CRISIS and the RANN/THANAGAR WAR SPECIAL, writer Ron Marz (GREEN LANTERN) returns to the character he created, giving Kyle Rayner an entirely new lease on life in a new ongoing series!

· >SKYE RUNNER #1 - Signed by Alé Garza FEB063026

WildStorm's sword and sorcery line continues with Ale Garza's Skye Runner! Writer Allen Warner and artist Alé Garza (NINJA BOY) reunite for SKY RUNNER, a 6-issue miniseries blending elements of fantasy and superhero action!

Skye is a beautiful young woman -- and the deceased king's daughter -- who always dreamed of becoming a knight. Unfortunately, she had to settle for being a Runner -- until the day her life turned upside-down and magical fate changed her destiny forever!

As always, each signed copy is sealed in an archival bag and board and features a numbered certificate of authenticity!

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