Sienkiewicz Calls Out Fox Over "X-Men: Apocalypse" Dazzler Art Credit

Fox had a special gift for those attendees of San Diego's Comic-Con International that pre-ordered a copy of "X-Men: Apocalypse" at the studio's booth. Getting in an order for the latest mutant movie came with a special, limited edition recreation of the Dazzler album seen in one of the movie's stills.

The album comes from the cover of 1983's "Dazzler" #29, a comic cover illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. But, as revealed in a Facebook post by Sienkiewicz, the collector's item was created and distributed without giving the artist any compensation, notice or credit.

"This practice is hardly unusual standard operating procedure for corporations," wrote Sienkiewicz, an industry veteran with a nearly 40-year long career. "Even so, it still rankles. I'm one guy. I've been doing this comic-book thing for years. I'm aware most everything is Work-Made-for-Hire. Still, I received no prior notification (a common courtesy), no thank you ( ditto), no written credit in any form whatsoever either on the piece or in connection with the premium, absolutely no compensation and no comp copies of the album."

Sienkiewicz didn't know the item even existed until fans started bringing it to his booth at this past weekend's comic con to get his signature. Sienkiewicz thanked his booth-mates at the convention for keeping him from "going to the Fox booth and making a scene, where I would have taken it out on minimum wage booth-sitters who had zero idea what this lunatic was pissed about." The artist says that while he doesn't expect monetary compensation from the studio for work created as work-for-hire, he does expect to at least receive credit for his work.

You can read Sienkiewicz's entire statement on the Dazzler album replica in the Facebook post below.

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