Sideshow's Gotham Knight figure has a cowl for every occasion

Whether you're a fan of Frank Miller's short-eared Batman or Kelley Jones' long-eared one, Sideshow Collectibles' Gotham Knight 1/6th-scale figure probably has the cowl you're looking for.

You see, the collectible comes with three cowls -- long ears, average-size ears and little nubs -- as well as interchangeable facial expressions (none of which is a smile, you'll note). In addition to the tailored black-and-gray suit and cape, the fully articulated figure also comes with Batarangs, a grappling hook gun and -- because he's Batman -- a Kryptonite ring for ... y'know, just in case.

Priced at $200, Batman Gotham Knight is available for preorder from Sideshow Collectibles. It's expected to ship in October.

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