Sideshow Has Amazing Collectible Books For Every Fan!

While most fans might know Sideshow Collectibles as the place to go when looking for high quality and incredibly detailed statues and figures of our favorite fandoms, but they have quite a huge selection of other items as well, including a large library of collector coffee table books that explore all kinds of fandoms.

From deep dives into Batman and his place on TV and Film to a look at this history of Han Solo, there is a book for everyone at Sideshow, and a lot of them just so happen to be on sale right now, with some being sold for almost half off! So we've picked a few great collector books that give a good sampling of their library and savings available.

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Taschen Collectibles is one of the leading publishers when it comes to film archives and examinations, and they have released an amazing collection called The Star Wars Archives: 1977-1983 which takes a deep visual dive into the original trilogy that launched a franchise and created a generation of science-fiction fans.

Another Taschen publication is The Walt Disney Film Archives XXL: The Animated Movies 1921 - 1968 which features over 1500 images and essays from Disney experts that explore the animated history of the company, which would make the perfect coffee-table book for almost any fan who grew up with these movies.


Comic fans have many book options to explore their favorite medium as well. DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman explores the characters of the DC Universe in a unique way that highlights the anatomical differences between the characters and how their powers sometimes physically work, all done with amazing art from the perspective of Batman as he examines his allies.

On the flip side, Marvel fans can get to know the co-creator of many of their favorite heroes with The Stan Lee Story XXL, a beautiful collection that follows Stan Lee's journey from his beginnings as a child to the Godfather of Marvel Comics. This collection is not only full of interesting information but it also looks amazing as well.


Mondo is an art gallery that has made a name for itself with amazing art based on our favorite films and TV shows that often reimagine the original posters in new ways or completely new redesigns that have appealed to cinema and art fans for years, which is celebrated by this collection of some of their best releases.

And fans of the sci-fi genre won't want to miss James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, which served as a companion piece to the mini-series of the same name. The coffee-table book features interviews with six other sci-fi legends like Guillermo del Toro, George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as they explore the history of the genre.

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