'Sidekicks' and 'Hopeless Savages' back in new edition trades

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First up, school is back in session! J. Torres and Takeshi Miyazawa's SIDEKICKS return in a new edition of the first trade paperback with expanded content and now in the new Oni graphic novel size. Then, we have a new edition of Jen Van Meter's Eisner-nominated first HOPELESS SAVAGES trade paperback in the Oni graphic novel size with a brand new cover.

Reprinted in the new SIDEKICKS volume is the original TRANSFER STUDENT material, as well as last summer's THE SUBSTITUTE one-shot and a long lost treasure pulled from the Oni vaults – the original eight-page short story featured in Torres' own anthology series LOVE IN TIGHTS, which introduced Terry Highland! This new edition will be in stores on October 8, 2003.

In the book's leading story, THE TRANSFER STUDENT, Terry is the new kid at Shuster Academy, but this isn't like any school that she has ever been to before! The kids and the teachers all have superpowers and the students are being trained to become superheroes! Terry arrives at school and quickly learns that the use of your powers outside of class can get you expelled. So, when three teenage vigilantes by the names of "Biff," "Pow," and "Bam," burst onto the school scene, it sends the student body into an uproar. With Terry working on the school newspaper, she takes it upon herself to uncover the identities of these three mysterious students!

In THE SUBSTITUTE, it's a new semester and Terry's class has a new teacher – a former super villain fresh out of jail, now fulfilling her community service!

"SIDEKICKS is such a fun book," says series editor James Lucas Jones. "It's the perfect book for American comic book fans, plus it has all of the best elements of Manga, including amazing artwork by Japanese artist Takeshi Miyazawa. We really think that the Manga audience will dig SIDEKICKS. Plus, it includes the first appearance of Terry which has been out of print and hard to find for years."

"I'm so excited that SIDEKICKS is getting the deluxe treatment for this second edition," explained series creator and writer J. Torres. "It's great that the fans can now get the bulk of the Sidekicks story in one volume. Last year's THE SUBSTITUTE one-shot was one of my favorite Sidekicks stories that Takeshi and I have done and I'm glad that the fans will now be able to enjoy both major stories, plus more in one big, thick volume."

Next up is the new Oni graphic novel-sized edition of the first HOPELESS SAVAGES trade paperback. Written by Jen Van Meter, with art chores handled by Christine Norrie, Chynna Clugston-Major, and Andi Watson, this book reprints the original series, as well as all of the short stories published prior to the series' release (the short stories will be presented in black & white in this edition). Plus, the online strips that were presented in the original edition are being expanded to full-page size, adding a few extra pages to the book. This edition also sports a brand new cover illustrated by Christine Norrie with colors by Guy Major!

Dirk and Nikki Hopeless-Savage have been kidnapped by music industry colleagues from their past and its up to their children Zero, Twitch, and Arsenal to band together and find their estranged brother, Rat to help them find their parents and make Zero's band's concert on time! Action, adventure, and hilarity ensue!

"The cast of THE HOPELESS SAVAGES is just so unique," says Oni Press editor in chief and series editor Jamie S. Rich. "Jen Van Meter really loves her characters and has given each one their own personality and attitude. The trouble these kids get in is amplified by their unique personality and I think that it makes the story all the more fun and exciting. Plus the three artists who worked with Jen on the project are three of the finest artists in the business. You can't get much better than this!"

"I loved working with Jen on the first Hopeless Savages series and currently I am working with her again on their third escapade," says illustrator Christine Norrie. "It is just so much fun drawing these characters and the adventures that they get mixed up in. It was one of my first major comic book works and it will always be something special to me. When I was asked to participate in the new edition, I absolutely jumped at the chance!"

Not only was the first volume of HOPELESS SAVAGES nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award for best mini-series, artist Christine Norrie received the Russ Manning nomination for best newcomer and she even earned the NYC Comic Book Museum's best break-out artist award!

"We're really trying to get in touch with both the comics audience and the Manga audience," says Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack "And we think that SIDEKICKS and HOPELESS SAVAGES are two of the perfect books for both."

SIDEKICKS VOLUME 1: THE TRANSFER STUDENT NEW EDITION is a 144 page black & white trade paperback. It features a brand new color cover by Takeshi Miyazawa. It will retail for $11.95 and will arrive in stores on October 8, 2003.

HOPELESS SAVAGES VOLUME 1 NEW EDITION is a 136 page black & white trade paperback. It features a brand new cover illustrated by Christine Norrie and colored by Guy Major. It retails for $11.95 and will arrive in stores on September 18, 2003.

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