Sidekick #1 Review

Paul Jenkins' Sidekick shows a side of Jenkins that we haven't seen in awhile, but what used to be there fairly often in his Peter Parker: Spider-Man work - his humorous side. And it is welcome!

The basic conceit behind the series is that the sidekick to a Superman-esque hero decides that, since he's not making enough money as the sidekick to the ONE hero, he'll try to become a sidekick to MULTIPLE heroes - only his plan works TOO well, and Eddie becomes the sidekick to FOUR heroes - all at the same time!

That's the hook for the series, and it's a good one. The question is, though, does the humor hold up?

For most of the issue, I would say yes. The art certainly helps, as Chris Moreno does a great job on the cartoonish, stylized artwork. He really helps sell a number of the jokes, especially the scenes with Eddie in his "secret identity" as a pizza delivery guy. Lots of nice little background touches (there is one crazy sex scene where Moreno goes all out with crazy crap).

However, while the basic premise is good (and should probably lead to some good future issues), I also have problems with a number of the book's jokes. Mainly the conceit that Eddie didn't realize until now that his boss was making millions off of merchandizing? It makes Eddie look like a moron, while the book tries to point out that Eddie is the brains behind the operation.

Similarly, Eddie's idea to wear black face to be the sidekick to a black superhero? I can see how it would make for some good jokes, but Eddie would have to be an absolute idiot to try something like that - which I don't think he's supposed to be, so I found that jarring, as well.

The best scenes in the book come early, where we see Eddie's confidence while he cleans up the mess his "boss" makes. Especially a brilliant scene where he convinces bank robbers to surrender because he told his boss that they were communists! Ha!

All in all, while the art is quite good, I don't know if the jokes off the book were interesting enough for me to recommend this particular issue. I think there is plenty of fodder here for very good future issues, but for this issue, I would not recommend it (but I really loved the opening scenes!).

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