20 Reasons Why Shuri's Tech Beats Tony Stark's By A Mile

When Black Panther was released earlier in 2018, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was reintroduced to T’Challa. We also were introduced to his entire nation of Wakanda. Not to mention his little sister, Shuri. Played by Letitia Wright, Shuri is the whip-smart and brash M to T’Challa’s James Bond. Plus, the siblings bicker as siblings do. Their relationship was one of the reasons the movie did so well in theaters.

All of the crazy tech seen in Black Panther didn't hurt either. Much like Iron Man, Black Panther is just a man in a suit. They are both men without any kind of superhuman abilities. It's a compelling feature to both films. The only question is who has the better technology - Tony Stark or Black Panther? It's a fair question and argument. We've seen Stark unveil a new suit seemingly every movie now. But he still doesn't have the kind of versatility that T’Challa has. The two met in Captain America: Civil War. It's doubtful they had any time to compare and contrast notes. Had they done so, Stark might have actually been shut up for a change. Here are 20 Reasons Why Shuri's Tech Beats Tony Stark By A Mile.

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Tony's various suits all have the power to go on autopilot. Then it stands to reason that he can make a car that drives itself. But he hasn't yet. Considering he's a show-off, one might think that he either doesn't want to make a self-driving car…or he can't for some reason. But Shuri can make one.

She can and she did. During a high-speed chase in China, Black Panther jumps on top of - not into a fancy car for Shuri to drive remotely from her location. This fete allowed T’Challa to solely worry about catching bad guys and not worry about the road.



In ancient times, a vibranium meteorite crashed into Wakanda, which would give the African nation a distinct evolutionary advantage. Their soil was forever linked to the substance. It helped forge Captain America’s shield, and THAT held off a smash from Thor’s hammer.

It has been Shuri that has been able to wield the Vibranium for all kinds of purposes. The entire Wakandan nation has been able to strive and thrive thanks to the precious element. Thanks to Shuri, that element has been put into all kinds of practical purposes.


Bucky Barnes in Avengers: Infinity War

Cap’s bestie, Bucky, unfortunately, fell to his presumed death during WWII. Instead, he was taken captive and brainwashed by HYDRA to make him The Winter Soldier. Cap finally got through to him, but he was still very conflicted and still susceptible to be brainwashed with a few choice words. Tony could give the guy all sorts of new bionic arms.

But by the end of Black Panther, it seemed that whatever was stuck in Bucky’s head has been removed by the curative properties of Wakanda, and Shuri. The latter of which retrofit The Winter Soldier with a brand-new badass Vibranium arm.


By the end of Black Panther, T’Challa decides to stand before the United Nations and reveal Wakanda to the world. Previously thought to be nothing more than an impoverished third world nation, King T’Challa shows that it is in actually a hidden paradise that has been technologically advanced faster than annual Apple Conference calls.

Obviously, Shuri hasn't been around for hundreds of years keeping the nation hidden. But her tech continues to do so. To the outside world, they still believe Wakanda is just like any other needy poor African nation.


Part of the tech that keeps Wakanda bustling is the hidden hub deep underground. The nation’s intense magnetic train schedule helped form the climax of T’Challa’s first adventure. They're super-fast and with Wakanda now revealed to the world, surely Shuri’s train tech could replace bullet trains.

But Stark, while seemingly altruistic as Iron Man spends his time upgrading his suit rather than developing any kind of technology remotely close to the next level vibranium express. He wants to save and better the world, but he wants everyone to know that Iron Man did it. Meanwhile, in Wakanda, Shuri just does it.


While it is a throwaway line meant for comedy, Shuri’s Sneakers are a super sweet invention. The Princess of Wakanda created a functional weapon for her brother to be super silent, which made it easier for T’Challa to get around. Even when he's running around the casino, you can barely hear him.

But Stark, on the other hand, is a different, noisy story altogether. He and his other friends that he outfits with gear. They're really good at what they do. But they're louder than a bull in a China shop. Even Stark’s stealthiest of stealth suits has all kinds servos spinning and a mechanical hum that comes with all technology.


Getting hurt in battle comes with the territory of being a superhero. Or superhero support staff. But the healing properties of vibranium exceed any technology Tony could come up with. Tony’s buddy Rhodey got blasted out of the sky during Civil War. By the time Infinity War begins, he's still walking around in robotic crutches.

Everett Ross gets himself badly injured protecting Nakia. He is brought to Wakanda and healed pretty quick for a severely injured wound. Shuri’s tech also helped to save Bucky and had there been time, save Vision. If you're getting injured in the MCU, make sure you're close to Wakanda.


Sovereign leader Ayesha in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

During Guardians Of The Galaxy, we were introduced to the Sovereign. They behaved oddly to our human eyes. But they did have some awesome space tech. It allowed them to chase after the Milano with a horde of ships from the comfort of their home. It allowed them to stay safe while firing at the enemy.

It's not explicitly stated where the vibranium meteorite came from, but eerily similar technology came from it. Perhaps if and when Adam Warlock makes his MCU debut, it will be Shuri that unlocks his cocoon and not the bumbling Sovereign.


Some of the tech seen in Black Panther, Tony hasn't even dreamt of yet. But if he gets to collaborate with Shuri at all, the Iron Man armor needs a full upgrade to include kinetic absorption. With the beating he's given every single movie he's in, you'd think that Iron Man is clearly just a guy in a suit. And that he certainly needs a suit with Shuri’s Kinect ic abilities.

Imagine the Iron Man suit taking a pounding. Stark’s playing the superhero version of Ali’s rope-a-dope. When the time is right, he'd unleash all of that pain he’d sustain via one massive, concussive kinetic blast to stop his opponents.


If Tony Stark ever would try to take T’Challa in combat, he would and should be scared…um…tech-less. That’s because a guy like Tony clearly relies on every single bit of his technology to defend the world. There would be no way he could take any of his colleagues in a real “no powers” fight.

But that’s the kind of fight that would happen if the two actually clashed. Thanks to Shuri, Black Panther has these little-localized EMP weapons that he can slap on to any tech and completely disable it. Stark wouldn't stand a chance his armor disabled.


One of the recent additions to the Black Panther comic book series are Wakanda’s Kimoyo Beads. In the popular film, they are designed and retrofitted for each unique user. That means that Nakia’s Beads can scan a person for their vital signs. According to the comics, they can be used for medical history or to access the Internet.

So there's plenty of plot point to exploit and explain it away with Wakandan Kimoyo Beads. The film already improved on this by making them accessible outside of the country’s borders. Stark, again is inward with his tech. Seemingly the only micro tech he has creates the Iron Man suit for him and nothing else.


Tony Stark loves his blasters, doesn’t he? His arsenal of seemingly never-ending bombs, blasters, and bullets almost stopped Thanos. But Shuri understands how to exploit weapons for their positive and negative effects as well.

Her sonic cannons use technology that seems to cancel out some of vibranium’s properties. The very same sonic capabilities of her canons are also employed in the underground train structure, which helped to stop Kilmonger, exposing the weaknesses of his vibranium suit. Essentially, it was Shuri’s tech that saved Wakanda, not the Black Panther.


What Tony Stark did with a couple of bolts and scrap in a cave is fairly astounding. Imagine what the guy could do if he actually cared about saving the world. But Stark is always more interested in furthering himself. It makes himself look better to the world at large.

Shuri, on the other hand, has made multiple design additions to the Black Panther costume and the various weapons and vehicles T’Challa uses. Every single bit of it is used to help his journey. And it's all laced with either Wakanda’s wonderful vibranium or sonic reducer technology.


When the Black Panther first appeared in 1966, Wakanda relied on magnetic propulsion. The film has paid homage to this as well by showing off the Talon Fighter, the Dragonflies, and a Royal Talon Fighter. They all use magnetic propulsion, which was presumably around years before Shuri was even a thought.

That doesn’t mean that she has not improved upon the original designs. Now that Wakanda has been revealed to the entire world, Shuri will no doubt share her information on how to make these fantastic technological wonders a reality to other nations. Other nations, who previously wouldn’t be able to afford such infrastructure.


Give Tony SOME credit. Most of the artificial intelligence he creates works out. Generally, they are just to help himself, but they still are decent inventions. JARVIS knew enough about the newer Ultron AI to duck out into hiding when the psycho AI gained sentience and tried to end everyone.

But under Stark and Bruce Banner’s understanding of the tech, Vision would have forever needed the Mind Stone to keep running. Then Shuri brought down the house and asked Dr. Banner why he and Stark didn’t do a lot of technological mumbo-jumbo. Banner simply stated that he and Tony didn’t even think about it. By the time the Infinity War sequel comes to a close, Shuri might be removing the Time Stone from Vision for good.


The tech of Wakanda and Shuri is leaps and bounds the rest of the world. Their internet communications have to be top notch and 100 percent fail-safe. That would be the only way that Shuri, or anyone for that matter would be able to replicate the entire intricate inner-workings of a car. Then be able to hop behind the wheel from her own home, while her brother was thousands of miles away.

Imagine what she’d be able to do when she incorporates Stark’s technology with her own. Perhaps we’ll see an army of Iron Men all piloted remotely by Shuri and several other Wakandan warriors. Why risk losing lives, when you can have a front line of remote-controlled and piloted Iron Men and War Machines.


Okoye Black Panther

Wakanda has not survived by remote-controlled cars and Black Panthers alone. In the film, we see two of these. First is guardswoman, Okoye’s retractable staff. Not only does she wield the staff with deadly skill. But the blade itself has localized kinetic energy. She heaves it straight through a vehicle, trashing the car and unleashing a kinetic blast in one fell swoop.

The other weapon is Nakia’s razor sharp ring blades that also are laced with kinetic absorption. Stark might have big-time suits of armor, but a razor-sharp energy charged weapon could easily lop an arm off or two, whether you’re wearing armor or not.


Shuri retro-fitted the entire nation with all kinds of gadgets and gizmos. Producers of the MCU films have stated that Shuri is probably the smartest person in the MCU. Smarter than Tony, even. Shuri is just 16 years old! Imagine what crazy inventions she’ll be coming up with as the years go on.

Meanwhile Tony was spending his teen years being a party boy while Obidiah Stane was running his father’s company. Barely into her teen years and Shuri seems quite happy doing all she can to help save Wakanda and now the entire universe, as opposed to being some quippy, cranky kid.


The Age Of Ultron was brought forth due to Tony’s hubris. He had come up with the idea of an all-encompassing system to help keep the entire world save from other-worldly threats. That went well, didn’t it?

Shuri and her understanding of past Wakandan tech has helped to conceal the nation for years. So far, no homicidal robots have been born of this technology. Matter of fact, until T’Challa called for the gate to be open, the Wakandan force-field was doing a pretty good job of keeping Thanos’ horde out of the nation.


Every invention that Shuri has created and innovated have all vastly improved Wakanda. She did all of that, and the MCU revealed all of this in just a little over two hours of one movie. She loves being able to create all of this massive tech and thanks to her, it truly is Wakanda Forever!

Meanwhile, any and every time Stark uses his technology, it generally creates some sort of other monster that he has to then deal with. Shuri’s tech helps a nation. Stark’s destroys the world and levels cities – just ask Sokovians.

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