Shuho Sato to adapt 'Ender's Game' as manga

Manga creator Shuho Sato is drawing a manga "inspired by" Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game. It's not clear whether this is an authorized version, but the first chapter will appear on Sato's website, Manga on Web, on Jan. 11, a week before the movie premieres in Japan.

The impending release of the movie seems to be creating a bit of a stir in Japan, as the a new translation of the novel was published this year, and Disney is exhibiting at the massive doujinshi event Comiket for the first time ever to promote the film.

Sato's version is in Japanese, but he has been a pioneer in the world of digital manga so it's entirely possible that this will show up in English, assuming there aren't any rights problems. Sato caused a bit of a stir a few years ago when he wrote about the economics of the manga industry and the fact that creators often lose money on serialization (they make it back when their manga are published as tankoubon, or collected editions). He launched Manga on Web three years ago as a place to post his manga online, and he pulled out of his contract with Kodansha in 2012 and made his manga Say Hello to Black Jack (also known as Give My Regards to Black Jack) freely available to anyone who wants to translate or remix it.

(Image taken from the original article at animeanime.jp.)

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