<I>Shrek</I> producers step up for comic series with Sea Lion Books

The people at Sea Lion sure seem to know how to reel in major outside talent; from their earlier days at Dabel Brothers enlisting Orson Scott Card and Laurell K. Hamilton to today's news of a new 12-volume series from a producer of one of the biggest animated movie franchises ever. Longtime DreamWorks producer Aaron Warner is coming in for his first comic ever, Pariah, and is set to debut at this year's Comicon International.

According to a press release sent out by Sea Lion, Pariah follows a group of genetically engineered super-smart teens who find that the outside world may not be prepared for their abilities. After a terrorist attack on a laboratory leads to a biological attack, its these teens -- dubbed 'Vitros' by the media -- that become the target for the world's scorn and retaliation.

Warner & Sea Lion are making this story real with veteran comic artist Brett Weldele (The Surrogates, The Light), whose had hsi share of Hollywood team-ups working on comic spinoffs of Southland Tales, Halloween and others. Look for more as the days count down to SDCC.

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