Showtime's "Chew" TV Series Not Happening

"There will not be a 'Chew' TV series on Showtime," "Chew" co-creator John Layman shared via social media late Friday afternoon.

The show's development has been an ongoing process since its initial announcement during 2010's Comic-Con International in San Diego, with "24's" Stephen Hopkins slated to direct and executive produce. The Image Comics series debuted in 2009 to strong critical acclaim, quickly making it a fan-favorite, paving the way for the launch of a prime time interpretation.

Comments made about the show by series artist Rob Guillory -- only three weeks ago -- makes Layman's announcement an unexpected one. The show would be "shockingly loyal to the comic," Guillory said, also mentioning the length of each episode was extended from a half-hour to an hour.

"Chew" is a dark comedy series set in a world where poultry is outlawed due to a bird flu pandemic and stars special agent Tony Chu, a cibopath -- one who can see the final living moments of any creature he consumes.

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