Showtime Exploring 'All Options' For Possible 'Dexter' Spinoff

Dexter fans rejoice, as there's a chance this season may not truly mark the end of the television drama. Speaking at the Televis9ion Critics Association's summer press tour, Showtime President David Nevins teased the possibility of a spinoff or continuation of the series.

Revealing that Dexter's showrunner had signed a two-year exclusive agreement with the cable channel, Nevins said, "We announced a deal with Scott Buck today, draw your own conclusions."

After the talk, The Hollywood Reporter pushed for more information from Nevins, who initially said that nothing was "actively" being done. However, that's not what it sounded like as he continued. "It's not necessarily a spinoff," he said. "All options will be explored. We're really not dealing with it at all until we're through this season and maybe for a while thereafter."

While staying generally vague, Nevins said they're mainly focused on giving Dexter a proper sendoff. He went on to praise Buck, who also wrote and produced on shows like Rome and Six Feet Under.

"We have a deal with Scott and we're going to develop a bunch of different things with him, there's nothing else to be concluded at this point," he said. "There's no sense of whether it will happen and if it will happen but I want to stay in business with Scott."

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