Showtime Debuts Official 'Twin Peaks' Revival Website

Well in advance of the 2016 return of the cult-favorite show, Showtime has launched its official Twin Peaks website. The homepage, which places text reading "Coming to Showtime in 2016" over an image of a foggy highway and the the iconic Twin Peaks sign, subtly implies there's still a long road ahead.

This early on, the website has little to offer Peaks enthusiasts clamoring for new material after more than 20 years: There are links to the initial press release as well as the announcement video that was released in October.

Showtime will air a new season of Twin Peaks, consisting of nine new episodes by original series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost set in the titular city 25 years after the events of the original series. You can check out Showtime's minimalist announcement video below.7

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