Showrunner Charlie Huston Leaves Sony's "Powers"

News broke early on Wednesday that "Powers," based on the long-running creator-owned comic book series, had been renewed for a second season on Sony's PlayStation Network. Later that day, showrunner Charlie Huston confirmed via his official website that he won't be a part of that second season, due to cited "creative differences."

"Not mentioned in the Variety story announcing the second season of 'Powers' is the fact that I will not be staying with the show," Huston wrote. "These kinds of changes are common in TV, and usually based on several factors, but this one boils down to the old saw 'creative differences.'"

Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, co-creators of the "Powers" comic book and executive producers on the TV series, will remain with the show, Huston stated; as will executive producer Remi Aubuchon.

"I'm certain fans of the show can look forward to an outstanding second season," Huston continued. "For myself, I had a great time, and I wouldn't change a thing about my experience bringing 'Powers' to TV."

A novelist and comic book writer, "Powers" was Huston's first experience as a TV showrunner. In 2010, HBO ordered a pilot based on his crime novel "The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death," which did not get picked up as a series.

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