<i>Showgirls</i> Writer's Erotic Thriller To Be Directed By Hype Williams

As anyone who has seen and appreciates Showgirls for its (to put it mildly) ridiculous levels of camp knows, any news that can cram Joe Eszterhas, writer of the Paul Verhoeven-directed "classic," and "erotic thriller" into a single sentence is a wonderful thing. Eszterhas, who also wrote the '90s thrillers Basic Instinct (Verhoeven again) and Sliver, is back now with Lust, which will be helmed by noted music-video director Hype Williams, Variety reports.

The story follows a 30-year-old woman who is seduced away from her older husband by a young playboy. What she doesn't know is that this lovely fellow secretly videotapes the two of them in bed. This creates some problems, as you might imagine.

That's about all there is to say for now, though Williams will apparently be channeling his background directing music videos into the movie. Variety notes that the movie will contain "a major music piece."

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