Should you use 'Latino' or 'Hispanic'? This comic may help

If you think the terms "Latino" and "Hispanic" are interchangeable, well, you're wrong. But artist Terry Blas is there to help with an informative -- and entertaining -- comic on Vox called "You Say Latino." Using humor and elements from his own background, Blas offers a quick-and-easy lesson in language, culture and geography.

"Many people feel that the term 'Latino' can refer to anyone who speaks a language whose main root is Latin," Blas, a member of Portland, Oregon's Periscope Studio, writes on his blog. "This would include French, Italian and Portuguese, although I’ve asked several people from France if they consider themselves Latino and they said no. On the other side, some people consider Hispanic to be a term that derives from the Latin name Hispania, the peninsula where Spain and Portugal reside .Therefore some people consider Brazilians Hispanic. So I asked my friend from Brazil his opinion and he said it’s annoying that he has to constantly remind people that he is Latino but not Hispanic."

And, yes, he says he'll likely tackle the comic's cliffhanger: the difference between "gay" and "queer." Read Blas' full strip at Vox.

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