Short and bittersweet: Winners named in UK contest

The winners of the UK's Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize have been announced and the two top stories are up on the web for your enjoyment.

The best place to read the winning story, Room 208 by Stephen Collins, is at the creator's website, where you can see the story in two-page spreads, which is crucial to the art.

For the second-prize winner, Square Eyes, by Ann Mill and Luke Jones, take a look at the prize page for the layouts, but the full-size version only seems to be available on the Observer's website, where it is presented one panel at a time. This is an unfortunate way to present a comic, because you lose the sense of the page as a whole, and it seems like a lot of work compared to simply slapping up a PDF, as Collins did. Nonetheless, both comics are lovely and short and shouldn't be missed.

(Via the Forbidden Planet blog.)

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