Shooting Star Comics Partners with iHero to Expand Line of Titles

Official Press Release

Alpharetta, Ga. (December 13, 2004) - After a successful partnership to launch their first wave of new individual titles in January (CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE #1 and FISHNET ANGEL: JANE DOE #1), Shooting Star Comics follows up in February with iHERO PRESENTS #1, the first-ever comic focusing solely on characters from the Writer's Digest award-winning magazine Cyber Age Adventures from iHero Entertainment.

"Along with my duties at Shooting Star Comics," said Editor-in-Chief, Sean Taylor, "I've served as a long-time staff writer at Cyber Age Adventures, so I'm particularly excited to finally be able to translate several of our popular superhero prose characters into the graphic format."

Headed by iHero Entertainment's President, Frank Fradella, Cyber Age Adventures has long been considered the standard for exceptional superhero prose, and the long-running online magazine's reputation for excellence easily carries over into their first comics endeavor, according to Shooting Star Comics' Creative Director, Scott McCullar.

"I was introduced to Cyber Age Adventures by Sean Taylor. I've always been impressed with the stories they produce over there. iHero Entertainment has a loyal readership that follow their offering of text-based online and trade paperback literary short stories and novels. The iHero site receives an average of 60,000 hits per month from a few thousand individually unique web surfers and continues to grow. Many are looking for the transition of their characters into comics for the first time."

McCullar added, "We're proud of the partnership that they can now bring their prose properties into the sequential art medium of comics with imprint titles like FISHNET ANGEL: JANE DOE, CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE, and the forthcoming iHERO PRESENTS #1 to Shooting Star Comics. These characters were born to be illustrated in new adventures. Along with some top-notch artwork, Frank Fradella and his crew have put together some fantastic stories that are sure to please old and new fans alike."

Featuring stories by Cyber Age Adventures stalwarts Frank Fradella, Sean Taylor (Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe) and Tom Waltz (Children of the Grave), and artwork by Dustin Griffen (Robotech), Chris Madden, Jeziel Sánchez Martínez and Casey Maloney (Children of the Grave), iHERO PRESENTS #1 promises to open up a whole new chapter in Cyber Age Adventures long, successful run.

And, along with the iHero anthology, look for the rousing finale to Sean Taylor's FISHNET ANGEL: JANE DOE mini-series to conclude in March.

"I had a lot of fun setting up the events emotionally in the first issue," Taylor said. "Now in the second issue the action really heats up for our hero, kicking off with a fight for survival and culminating in a significant change in our hero, one that will literally alter the way he/she perceives himself/herself as a person."

January 2005 Releases


Written by Tom Waltz and drawn by Casey Maloney, cover by Casey Maloney.

When the military unit Orphan 1 enters Stinwan looking for proof of terrorist genocide, what they discover is a supernatural mystery - and a vast desert plain of opened, child-sized graves. After reporting the incident, the unit is given new orders to assassinate the terrorist leader who committed the atrocity.

Publication Date: On Sale January, 2005

Format: 32 Pages B&W with color cover, bi-monthly, four-issue mini-series

Age Range: 16+

Genre: War, Sci-Fi, Horror

Price: $2.95

Diamond Preview Number: NOV042877 (page 313)


Written by Sean Taylor and drawn by JP Dupras, cover by John Paul Leon and Scott McCullar.

When you're a man stuck in the body of an ancient goddess, what's the worst that can happen? What about losing your memories? And what about losing them just as the goddess' former lover returns from the underworld for revenge? It's a gender-twisted nightmare from the pages of the Shooting Star Comics Anthology.

Publication Date: On Sale January, 2005

Format: 32 Pages B&W with color cover, bi-monthly, two-issue mini-series

Age Range: 16+

Genre: Action/Adventure

Price: $2.95

Diamond Preview Number: NOV042878 (page 314)

February 2005 Releases


Written by Frank Fradella, Sean Taylor, Tom Waltz, et al, cover by Casey Maloney.

The Writer's Digest award-winning magazine of superhero fiction finally makes the jump from prose to sequential art in this special edition comic with stories featuring Rush, Living Doll, Hiroshima, Grandstander, Borderstar, and Catalyst. Also features art by Robotech's Dustin Griffin and a cover by Children of the Grave artist Casey Maloney.

Publication Date: On Sale February, 2005

Format: 32 Pages B&W with color cover, first in a series

Age Range: 13+

Genre: Action, Adventure

Price: $2.95

Diamond Preview Number: DEC042795 (page 314)


Written by Rob Bavington, Erik Burnham, Danny Donovan, Todd Fox, Nat Jones, Shari Lipkin, Stacy Lucas, Scott McCullar, J. Morgan Neal, Gregg Noon, George Pitcher III, Scott Rogers & Sean Taylor with cover by Mike Grell

Eight exciting stories, highlighted by a bloodcurdling tale by Nat Jones (Spawn The Dark Age) and Danny Donovan. Also features Todd Fox's (Wolverine) new team The Terribles, and the returning Yellow Jacket: Man of Mystery, Bedbug, Rex Solomon and more! Cover by Mike Grell (Green Arrow, Jon Sable, Warlord). Plus Shayara by Shari Lipkin and Stacy Lucas.

Publication Date: On Sale February, 2005

Format: 64 Pages B&W with color cover, bi-monthly, ongoing

Age Range: 16+

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and more

Price: $4.95

Diamond Preview Number: DEC2794 (Page 313 of the December PREVIEWS Catalog)

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