Shooting Star Comics debuts 'Comic's Youngest Working Inker'

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Alpharetta, Ga. (January 25, 2004) – Following in her father's footsteps, Rachel McCullar makes her comics debut in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #3, available in stores January 28. But here's the kicker – this talented inker is only seven-and-a-half years old!

Rachel, the daughter of Shooting Star's creative director Scott McCullar (Green Arrow Secret Files), collaborated with her father on the conclusion to "Feeling the Sting," the elder McCullar's time-spanning Thrill Seeker Comics story featuring Yellow Jacket: Man of Mystery and two generations of the Emerald Mantis, making her the youngest creator to appear in a Shooting Star Comics book – and perhaps the youngest working creator to appear in any internationally distributed comic book.

"My daughter really excels in art. She has some innate abilities that I'll take credit for in her genes," Scott says with a smile, "but she has a great art teacher at her elementary school. In my studio, she has her own drawing desk right next to mine when I'm working. For the past few years, she has been experimenting with my Prismacolor markers, Sakura brushes and graphite pencil and washes."

One evening as Scott was finishing penciling his pages for issue three and was just starting to ink, Rachel looked over his shoulder and said assuredly that she thought she too could ink and do the gradated halftone washes with the graphite pencils like her father.

"When I turned and looked at my young daughter's intense and assured eyes, I realized that she could. I had seen some other drawings of hers earlier where she was working in two-point perspective and doing nice watercolor work. I accepted her challenge and took a leap of faith to hand her my brushes," her proud father said.

Rachel inked about six panels of her father's story over three different pages and is credited in the SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #3 as assistant inker.

"The funny thing was that if Scott hadn't made a note about it, I wouldn't have realized he'd asked Rachel to help him," says Shooting Star editor-in-chief Sean Taylor. "The work was just as tight as I'd seen from him in the previous two issues, so it's pretty clear she's got her dad's touch."

When asked if he plans to collaborate with his daughter on future stories, Scott adds, "You bet. She is very excited about the shared experience, and she tells me she wants to be an artist when she grows up. I'm telling you now – she already is. I'll continue working with her in a controlled collaboration to see that she develops her skills with her already extraordinary competence and I'll be sure not to push it on her if she doesn't want to. But for the moment, she is already asking if she can help ink the next few issues. I guess I'm going to have to raise her allowance!"

"Feeling the Sting" appears, along with six other exciting stories from Shooting Star regulars, in SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #3, on sale January 28 in fine comics stores everywhere.

SHOOTING STAR COMICS, LLC is a new comics publisher, committed to publishing a wide variety of genres and styles. Including both new talent and longtime legends in the industry, Shooting Star Comics produces a quarterly anthology series and will also be releasing new titles this year.

Shooting Star Comics, LLC is a proud member of the Small Press Association. More information about Shooting Star Comics can be found at the company's website, www.shootingstarcomics.com.

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