'Shooting Star Comics Anthlogy' #2 to feature art by Timothy Truman

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Des Plaines, IL (June 8, 2003) - Eight sizzling short stories featuring the work of various comic creators in an array of genres for this 64-page compilation that includes a spotlight on the artwork of Timothy Truman (Grimjack, Scout, Jonah Hex, Hawkworld) in a Western tale about a dime store novelist who receives a lesson in the value of life from the last person he could imagine...the shootist he is interviewing-- the Chinese gunfighter whom the newspapers call the "The Yellow Devil." This story is a new Gone to Texas tale by the N² writing team of Gregg Noon and J. Morgan Neal as rendered by the modern master of the comic book western who illustrated Topps Comics' Lone Ranger and Tonto and Eclipse's Scout: War Shaman among other works over the years.

Following up on the success of SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #1, Shooting Star Comics will publish SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #2 in August 2003. A 64-page black and white independent comic with a color cover that retails for $4.95, the book has already been "Certified Cool" in JUNE 2003 PREVIEWS (Vol. XIII,#6). It lists on page 354 of the PREVIEWS catalog.

As an added bonus, the SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #1 will be re-solicited to coincide with the release of issue #2 through Diamond Distributors.

Joining Truman, Neal, and Noon for SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY #2 is the newest Bedbug adventure, written and drawn by Scott Rogers (game designer of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory). In "Making a Name," the fan-favorite hero faces a new sinister villain with a really lousy name! Has Bedbug met his match? Can Bedbug come up with a cooler name in time?

Also returning for the second volume of Shooting Star Comics Anthology is another regular feature entitled Thrill Seeker Comics, written and drawn by Scott McCullar (Green Arrow Secret Files). This action and adventure tale, "Feeling the Sting," is set in both the past and present showcasing the pulp fiction era Yellow Jacket: Man Of Mystery as remembered by the Golden Age Emerald Mantis as he assists his grandson, the modern-day Emerald Mantis, in an unsolved case from the Fifties.

Anther cornerstone to the Shooting Star Comics Anthology series is Aym Geronimo and The Post Modern Pioneers by J. Morgan Neal and artist Todd Fox (The Punisher, Wolverine). Mission: Sahara. Aym attempts to use science to perform a rain dance, but not everyone likes the idea. Race to adventure with the Postmodern Pioneers in "Rainmaker".

Erik Burnham (The Down Side), is considered by his fellow collaborators to be one of the funniest online comic strip creators Mad Magazine hasn't snatched up (yet!). Burnham returns to provide another humorous comic drama featuring Nick Landime. No comic book character has groovier bowling shirts. No kidding.

Shooting Star Comics provides variety, and writer Sean Taylor's (iHero Entertainment, Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe) next effort promises to entertain as he once again collaborates with artist JP Dupras from last issue's Fishnet Angel story. This time around, Strongarm's done his time and paid his debt to society. But when keeping a promise means breaking out of prison 38 days before his sentence is up, will he discover that it's more important to be free or to be a man of his word?

Another returning creative team taking a departure from their past work is that of Lance Stahlberg and Mariano de la Torre - this time joined with co-writer Danika Kenn. Their new tale is a suspense thriller set against a futuristic backdrop, focusing on a museum theft with far darker motives than anyone suspects. Only three special government agents seem to know the whole story. But even they do not know the full truth about what lies beyond, "The Veil."

Shooting Star Comics is proud to introduce an outstanding new creative team to the book - writer Scott Hileman and artists Chris Franklin and Ethan Colchamiro - in a story called "Interrogation of Specimen One." This trenchant tale teeters on the twilight of '50s science fiction that conspiracy theorists should fall for.

The cover art for the second issue is provided by comic creator Jeff Parker (The Interman), in his distinct and bold style. Parker recently signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to option the rights of The Interman graphic novel for producer Gale Ann Hurd's Vallhalla Pictures to produce.

Last year, Shooting Star Comics released their first volume, an 80-page giant that included a foreword by Denny O'Neil and Chuck Dixon's last story before moving to CrossGen Comics, along with 11 original short stories covering a wide array of genres and tastes from various creators - and also sported a cover by Eisner-nominated Steve Lieber (Detective Comics). The issue was "Certified Cool" by Diamond Distributors in the Previews Vol. XII #10 October volume.

CrossGen inker, Drew Geraci, said of the book: "GREAT STUFF! Makes me wish I'da been a part of it… Take a bow, S.S. contributors, you've brightened my evening."

SHOOTING STAR COMICS, a gung-ho group of comic creators, have decided to take self-publishing comics into their own hands. Further volumes of the anthology are planned under the Shooting Star Comics banner along with other self-published projects from the various creators. Look for many of the creators from both books to appear at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con International and the Chicago Wizard World Convention.

Shooting Star Comics is a proud member of the Small Press Association. More information about Shooting Star Comics can be found at their website, www.shootingstarcomics.com.

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