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Official Press Release

Bethlehem, PA - It started out as a "virtual clubhouse" of sorts a number of years ago. A bunch of guys from the Midwest with a common interest...comics. It was over ten years ago. A couple people in the studio had experienced a bit of success. Phil Hester had. Bruce McCorkindale had inked a huge portion of the Malibu line and then there were the moderate successes of other members like Ande Parks and Fredd Gorham.

And now?

SHOCKTRAUMA STUDIOS boasts some pretty accomplished members and the success just keeps rolling in. Last week, SHOCKTRAUMA STUDIOS was proud to learn that Shocktraumanaut Max Riffner had won the ISOTOPE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MINI-COMICS. He won for his fantastic tale, QUICK STEP. Max also has a graphic novel called GOLDEN BOY which will be released this summer from Markosia. Two past winners of that award are now Eisner nominees.

Speaking of Eisner nominees, past nominee Phil Hester, the prolific artist/writer, will be taking on TOP COW's THE DARKNESS as the new writer this fall. Another well known Shocktraumanaut, Ande Parks, is now inking over Tony Moore as FEAR AGENT is released from Dark Horse Comics. Ande is also nominated for an EAGLE AWARD for BEST INKER and is inking over Rick Leonardi for an upcoming SUPERMAN issue! (Not to mention that both Ande and Phil continue to work on the Kirkman scribed ANT-MAN series at MARVEL...) Paul Tobin, yet another Shocktraumanaut, has been chosen to write SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #3. His story looks to be very entertaining. Remember back in the day, when super heroes would fight other super heroes? What? That still happens? Civil…what? Well, Anyway…Paul is taking you back in time, when Spidey was pretty new at all this superhero stuff, and would make silly mistakes, like, oh, say...knocking out the Invisible Girl! It's very possible that three of her friends might want to have a talk with the wall-crawler...

Bruce McCorkindale and Chuck Satterlee (the newest Shocktraumanaut) recently signed copies of HERETIC #1 (Markosia) at KRYPTON COMICS in Omaha, Nebraska. The copies of the comic went in Omaha as they have across the nation...they sold out. Satterlee has also been tapped by Markosia to adapt Joe DeVito's book, KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND, a five issue mini-series to be released to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of the world-wide icon this November.

Visit www.shocktraumastudios.com for more information, latest Shocktrauma news, art and be sure to stop by the newly created forums and hang out with the Shocktraumanauts. We're all geeky and stuff! Come by and talk comics, tv, movies, music...whatever! We'll see ya there.

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