Shocklines Guarantees METHo.d.

Official Press Release

Shocklines.com, the internet's leading horror boutique, has put Aardwolf Publishing's METHo.d. on its Guaranteed Good Read list. This means anyone can order the book from Shocklines with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK.

METHo.d., which contains a dozen mean little stories from Clifford Meth and illustrations by Steve Lieber, Michael Netzer, Al Milgrom, Wm. Messner-Loebs, and Jordan Raskin, also features a foreward by Peter David and cover art and book design by Jim Steranko. Jeffrey Jones calls METHo.d "wonderfully erotic and beautifully said."

"Clifford Meth has the touch," says Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson."Fantasy, dark humour, and ravishing detail to his characters. Isaac Asimov meets C. S. Lewis meets Beelzebub meets...well, Clifford Meth."

The signed/numbered edition (just a few dollars more) is available only from www.AardwolfPublishing.com

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