Shocker Toys Debut New Indie Spotlight Line

Official Press Release

May, 2006 -- Shocker Toys recently burst into the fully articulated actionfigure game with the announcement of a 7 inch line based on the cult musicphenomenon GWAR. Now, Shocker takes a crack at a line including heroes,fiends, monsters, robots and other characters created by some truly uniqueminds. Welcome to INDIE SPOTLIGHT! Focusing on classic characters as well asunderground favorites and new arrivals to the panels, INDIE SPOTLIGHT willbring these icons of the Independent Comic Universe to comic shops all overthe world and into the homes of the fans who have come to love them. For thefirst time ever, the likes of Witchblade and Grim Jack will stand toe to toewith Scud the Disposable Assassin and Dick Tracy!

Companies who have signed onto Indie Spotlight, pitching some of theircharacters into the line include Top Cow, Classic Media, Image, Troma,AAApop, Blue Water Productions and King Features. Some characters in theIndie Spotlight include Solar:Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, DickTracy, Lone Ranger, Jack Staff, Madman, The Atomics, Witchblade, Darkness,Nexus, Shark-Man, The Moth, Retro Rocket, The New Toxic Avenger, ThePhantom, Sachs & Violens, The Wraith, Scud the Disposable Assassin, Isis,VIctoria Secret Service, Judo-Girl, Shadowhawk, OZF5, Grim Jack, FallenAngel, Badger, Cyberforce, Jetcat, Atomic City, Smoke & Mirror and God ofThunder. More companies and licenses will be announced so keep watching!

Indie Spotlight will feature 20+ pts of articulation in every 6 inch scaledfigure. President of Shocker Toys, Geoff Beckett stated "We want you to beable to recreate classic moments from your favorite comics so posability andaccessories are key. Shocker Toys wants to have as close a relationship withthe creators of each character as you have come to have over the years ofreading their books, so our figures will reflect that. We also realize thatIndy Spotlight will create it's own universe as it grows, so look for scaleto play a big part in expressing the diversity from character to characterwith giant robots staring down super powered vixens and over muscledsupermen going toe to toe with sickly, inhuman creatures..we'll have itall!"

For more information, visit Shocker Toys online athttp://www.shockertoys.com/

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