She's come a long way, baby, since her wrestling days

Much like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has transitioned from the wrestling ring to the silver screen, Marvel's former female grappler, Screaming Mimi, has done pretty well for herself since ditching the squared circle and becoming Songbird, the former heart and soul of the Thunderbolts. And while her tenure with that group may be over, it doesn't look like she's fading into oblivion ... in fact, she's the latest playable character announced for Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 game. Concept artist Dave Phillips talks about designing the character for the game:

Songbird was one of the easier characters to concept since we already liked her design a lot and decided that we really didn’t want to change all that much. We had lots of great reference material but ultimately it was Marko Djurdjevic’s cover art from the Thunderbolts (series #111-121) that really resonated with us. We felt that his overall art style and costume designs perfectly suited the look we were going for – A kind of gritty realism with more subdued colors and a great attention to detail. The covers are very beautifully painted and we wanted some of that illustrative quality to come through in our models as well. Additionally, we liked how Marko gave Songbird a harder look rather than being just another pretty face: her expressions are tense and serious. Of course, we still wanted to make Songbird attractive, but we tried to choose a likeness that conveyed her underlying emotions in a more believable manner.

Blogger and Friends of Lulu President Valerie D'Orazio wonders if Songbird is the next breakout super heroine from Marvel. "I personally like Songbird a lot, and think she has a rich characterization that has been carefully developed over time. Has she earned a place yet with Elektra, Ms. Marvel, Emma Frost, and others? Well, I think she is certainly a contender," she writes. "Plus, never underestimate the power of unique hair."

The writer who gave her an extreme makeover in Thunderbolts, Kurt Busiek, hinted that she was headed for bigger and better things in the pages of Avengers Forever, so maybe her appearance in the game will give her the boost she needs in comics.

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