Sherlock: The Great Game #4

Story by
Art by
Letters by
Amoona Saohin
Cover by
Titan Comics

Sherlock discovers the solution to Ian Monkford’s disappearance case. Upon announcing this, the second hostage is released. John suggests that the mysterious caller is deliberately designing a game for Sherlock. Inspector Lestrade consults with Sherlock and John on a new case involving the death of a reality TV star, even though he is unconvinced that it’s related to the bombings. Through deductive observation, Sherlock declares that she was in fact murdered, and con rms it’s related to the caller’s hostage game. After investigating the celebrity’s home, Sherlock reveals the murderer and the truth behind her death. Sherlock expects a call releasing the hostage, but something has changed...

Based on the TV series SHERLOCK, co-created by STEVEN MOFFAT & MARK GATISS, and adapting Episode Three:​ ​The Great Game.

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