<i>Sherlock Holmes 3</i> Prepping Before <i>A Game of Shadows</i> Premieres

Robert Downey Jr. just might be the new king of the trilogy. After blasting his way back to super-stardom thanks to his turn as Tony Stark in Iron Man, the formerly troubled actor has been working on a mix of big-budget and independent flicks. That Iron Man gig not only spawned a follow-up, but also an appearance in The Avengers as well as a third planned sequel. But that's not all: He also played Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie's 2009 film version and in the December-premiering sequel A Game Of Shadows.

According to Deadline, Downey won't just be armoring up in trilogies, but also donning the magnifying glass and funny hat because Warner Bros. has already hired a screenwriter to work on the third Holmes flick. The draft is being written by Drew Pearce, who's also working on the Iron Man 3 script.

Even with the premiere of A Game Of Shadows still a couple of months off, and the box office having been shaky lately, a third Holmes starring Downey and Jude Law seem like a guaranteed moneymaker.

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