'Sherlock' Debuts New Furry Sidekick in Series 4 Photo

A newly revealed photo from Series 4 of "Sherlock" sees Benedict Cumberbatch's titular detective sitting next to a bloodhound.

As revealed by the Wrap, the photo seems to indicate that Cumberbatch's Holmes will team up with the bloodhound -- a breed that's particularly notable for its ability to track human scent -- for a mystery at some point in the fourth series. The context for the photo has yet to be revealed.

Check it out below:

Cumberbatch recently received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Holmes in the "Sherlock" special "The Abominable Bride." Overall, the special garnered six Emmy nominations.

"Sherlock" returns in 2017 on BBC One in the U.K. and PBS in the U.S.

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