Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Vol 2: Dark Rising #1

Forced against her will under the “protective” wing of her billionaire grandfather, SHEENA has been trapped in the concrete jungle of Val Verde City for months. But deep in the jungles of Val Verde lies a deadly secret; a relic from the glory days of Nazi Germany that will threaten SHEENA and all that she holds dear!

-Originally created by Will Eisner and S.M. Iger!

-Perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

Co-Written by legendary screenwriter Steven E. de Souza (DIE HARD, 48 HOURS, COMMANDO) and acclaimed graphic novelist Todd Livingston (The Black Forest, THE WICKED WEST, CHOPPER ZOMBIE)!

-Featuring a cover by Joe Jusko!

Marvel Comics #1000 Variant Changing After Accidentally Using DC Art

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