How She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Sets Up Season 4


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3, streaming now on Netflix.

Season 3 of Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power focuses on Adora discovering more about the She-Ra mantle by venturing into the Crimson Wasteland, with Catra and Scorpia tailing her. While there, she finally discovers background information on Mara and the First Ones as Hordak and Entrapta bond and try to open a portal for more enemies to invade Etheria.

This leads to an epic finale where Hordak's plan plunges Etheria into an alternate reality similar to Marvel's House of M. To break everyone free, Queen Angella of Bright Moon sacrifices herself so Adora can use her Sword of Power and restore reality. However, this sets up an intriguing fourth season that could spell even more doom for the planet thanks to a new villain.

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In the season finale, "The Portal," the closing sequence reveals that Hordak Prime has located Etheria and is planning to invade. Earlier in the season, we found out he's the true villain of the story, using his Horde to conquer various planets and is the reason Mara hid Etheria away in the realm of Despondos. However, his defective clone, Hordak, was marooned there as well and has been trying to bring the Horde over to get back in Prime's good graces.

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Prime makes it clear he wants to find his "little brother," and Season 4 is sure to look at their fragile relationship, centered around Prime discarding Hordak. We also learned that Hordak is dying, and it's unclear if his progenitor will heal him or if Entrapta will have to. While fans will be focused on the Horde's war against the Princess Rebellion, there could also be  a possible civil war brewing as Hordak might also attempt revenge on Prime if he ends up being healed, while contending with an even more manipulative Catra.


This season, Shadow Weaver officially turns on the ungrateful Hordak and swears vengeance by leading the Princess Rebellion against his forces. After She-Ra cures her of her corruption due to dark magic, Shadow Weaver proves to be crucial in the raids on the Fright Zone, even becoming an unofficial mentor to Glimmer, helping her unlock more of her light and teleportation powers.

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Since Angella is 'dead,' Shadow Weaver will undoubtedly play a bigger role in Glimmer's life now, especially since she also trained her dad, King Micah, as a kid. Shadow Weaver sees the same potential in Glimmer and this could bring her redemption full-circle and make her Light Spinner once more. She has a lot to atone for and the other kingdoms are skeptical, but She-Ra and her allies have faith she's on their side. Of course, Shadow Weaver could always simply be looking to kill Hordak and take over his throne.


With Angella stuck in a rift in space and time, there's still hope she can be recovered. Glimmer is preparing to be Queen of Bright Moon but with Light Spinner's aid and She-Ra's ability to tap into the First Ones' technology, they may be able to study the portal Hordak opened and find the key to rescuing Angella.

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It's unlikely the Princess Alliance will simply leave Angella lost there and a magic coalition has already begun working to solve Etheria's crises. There could also be secrets to finding Angella in the library belonging to Bow's dads. Magic continues to play a big part on this series, but with the help of science, Glimmer has the right tools and people in place to seek out and bring her mom home, as she already knew pain through the death of King Micah.


Razz and Light Hope thought Mara (the original She-Ra) went mad with the power held within the mantle and hid Etheria in Despondos. It turns out she did this to keep it out of the Horde's gaze, but that ultimately proved to be futile, since Hordak Prime found the planet after She-Ra and Angella brought it back from the rift. Since it's no longer hidden, it could also be in the orbit of its sister planet, Eternia.

Showrunner Noelle Stevenson and has said in the past this series won't connect to Eternia, but we've already seen Light Hope mentioning this mysterious planet (although not by name) when she shares insight into Adora being teleported to Etheria through a portal as a baby. The series has danced around Eternia, but references are becoming stronger with each season. Even Hordak recognized its existence as a potential enemy. Light Hope also hints Adora's home planet could be an ally, so this could potentially open up room for Prince Adam/He-Man to come over and join the battle against Prime and the full brunt of the Horde similar to how the old She-Ra cartoon was in the '80s.

Now streaming on Netflix, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power stars Aimee Carrero, Karen Fukuhara, AJ Michalka, Marcus Scribner, Reshma Shetty, Lorraine Toussaint, Keston John, Lauren Ash, Christine Woods, Genesis Rodriguez, Jordan Fisher, Vella Lovell, Merit Leighton, Sandra Oh and Krystal Joy Brown.

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