Kicking Cousins: 16 Times She-Hulk Was Stronger Than The Hulk

Jennifer Walters, otherwise known as She-Hulk, is one of Marvel’s most popular heroes. Having come to redefine what it means to part of the Hulk family, Jennifer and her stories offer a stark contrast to that of her cousin, Bruce Banner aka the Hulk. She’s the perfect combination of brawn and brain. Doing what no other hero can, Jennifer is a successful lawyer who also has no trouble letting the world know about her sensational identity. Over the course of her career, she’s best a steadfast friend for all the teams she’s been on, but also demonstrated her skill as a lawyer in the courtroom. She’s the person who her super-friends, and even the occasional villain, go to when they need help sorting out their legal troubles.

Over the years, like with many a superhero, She-Hulk has been put through all manner of zany adventures and ordeals. Yet time and time again she perseveres. Despite not being known as the strongest one there is, as the Hulk purportedly claims to be, she’s proven herself superior to the jade giant on multiple occasions. Today at CBR we’re looking at 16 times She-Hulk proved she was better, and even stronger, than the Incredible Hulk.

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Among other things, Jennifer Walters is an amazing friend; she takes the feelings of her teammates and loved ones seriously. That includes letting certain friends believe they’re stronger than they actually are…we’re looking at you, Hercules.

The Greek demigod Hercules is unquestionably one of Marvel’s strongest heroes. He’s just as, if not stronger than Thor, he’s taken on the Hulk multiple times, and he once pulled the island of Manhattan back into place after it had got dislodged. Hercules is so powerful, that once when he was arm-wrestling, his match was so intense and his strength was so overwhelming, that he threw the entire planet Earth out of orbit. She-Hulk is stronger. One day, the two of them arm wrestled to prove who was mightier, and She-Hulk let Hercules win, just to boost his ego. She later admitted that while he was going all out, she was not.


There’s no denying the power of Thor. The God of Thunder’s power and adventures are the stuff of legend. He’s beaten the Hulk, taken on the likes of Galactus and Silver Surfer, and even hit opponents with enough power to shatter worlds. Armed with his mystical hammer Mjolnir, which boosts his already impressive strength, there are few mortals in the universe Thor has to worry about.

While the son of Odin might boast a wide range of abilities, She-Hulk isn’t one to back down from a fight. In The Avengers #296-#297 She-Hulk and Thor come to blows, not just once, but twice, and she beats the Thunder God on both occasions. The events are somewhat contrived, as time travel is involved, along with the villain Kang the Conqueror, but there’s no denying that She-Hulk laid out Thor.


In the early days of Marvel Comics, the three strongest heroes were the Hulk, Thor, and the Thing. A member of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm was the team’s resident strongman and pilot. He was also powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, though their fights generally ended in stalemates. Ben was utterly shocked to discover that She-Hulk was at least twice as strong as him, if not mightier.

When Reed Richards was helping Jennifer establish the upper limits to her strength, he had her use one of the machines the Thing regularly used to work-out. Upon reaching the Thing’s maximum setting, She-Hulk was completely unfazed, easily lifting all the weight with only one hand. When the Thing eventually left the Fantastic Four for a time, She-Hulk replaced him and made for, what was for some, an even better addition to the famous team.


One of the toughest Avengers, the Vision was originally created by Ultron to destroy Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Though he rebelled against his creator and the task itself, Vision was outfitted with an unbelievable assortment of powers. Strong enough to take on the likes of Wonder Man and versatile enough to solo entire Avengers teams, there are few Earthly heroes quite like the Vision.

In Marvel’s "Avengers Disassembled" event, the Scarlet Witch went bonkers. Known for her hex powers and chaos magic, she too is immeasurably powerful. It doesn’t help matters that her psyche is oftentimes fractured. Anyway, she ends up killing some of her teammates and the Vision is among the first to fall. After Wanda drives She-Hulk mad, Jennifer Walters Hulks out to unprecedented levels and rips Vision in half.


When it comes to fighting, any experienced combatant will tell you that strength isn’t everything. There are plenty of other factors to take into consideration, and skill is one of them. For his part, Bruce Banner hasn’t trained in combat significantly. In fact, when he’s plain old Bruce, he isn’t a physical threat to anyone. The only time the Hulk trained was when he was a gladiator back on Skarr. Before and since then, his method of dealing with opponents was swinging wildly.

Even before She-Hulk lost to the Champion of the Universe, Captain America had trained her. Afterwards, she was trained by both Drax the Destroyer and Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Getting stronger as Jennifer also increased the strength of her She-Hulk form. And while an untransformed Bruce would likely lose against street thugs, Jennifer has taken on three guys by herself with no problem.


The Hulk, being the powerhouse that he is, also comes with a rogue gallery full of monstrous supervillains. The Abomination is such a baddie. Emil Blonsky was a Yugoslavian spy who purposefully infected himself with three times the gamma radiation the Hulk was originally exposed to. He became the Abomination and was over twice as strong as the Hulk. Through brute force alone, he’s beaten the Hulk multiple times. Only through sheer luck and iron determination has the Hulk won.

She-Hulk, being the awesome character that she is, laughs in the face of the Abomination; unfazed by his power. In She-Hulk #15, our titular hero is tasked by S.H.I.E.L.D to bring in Abomination…and she does, in spectacular fashion. Combining her fighting skills with her awesome strength, Abomination can’t land a blow on her, but She-Hulk knocks out Blonsky by issue’s end.


In "Avengers Disassembled", thanks to some out of control chaos magic, courtesy of the Scarlet Witch, multiple Avengers end up dead. Ant-Man is killed, before She-Hulk, who’s had her mind tampered with by the Scarlet Witch’s powers, goes positively berserk. In her new state of hulked-out rage, She-Hulk proceeds to kill the Vision by ripping him in half. With her team unable to talk her down, the Avengers have no choice but to fight her in hopes of knocking her out.

Among the heroes present is Lionheart and her weapon, the Sword of Might. As its name implies, the Sword is an incredible blade. Mystic in origin, it cannot be broken and is capable of cutting through any known substance, including foot-thick steel. Over the course of the battle with She-Hulk, Lionheart swings the weapon with everything she has, but to no effect, except to further anger Jennifer.


The Hulk and She-Hulk have traded blows a fair number of times, but rarely has there ever been a decisive winner. Whenever they do fight, it’s usually because one or the other has lost control and needs to be reigned in. She-Hulk seldom has an excuse to go all out against her cousin. In Heroes For Hire #12, Eshu, also known as the Master of the World, has come up with a plan to control the planet.

Well aware that the superhuman population will resist him, he creates clones of various heroes; among them is the Hulk. Called Behemoth, the Hulk clone has all the powers and strength of the original. When the Heroes for Hire invade Eshu’s fortress, it’s up to She-Hulk to take down the Hulk copy and she does; in short order.


The Hulk is not known for his social etiquette. Even his friends and family tread lightly around him; they never know what’s going to set him off and make him rage. Though the Hulk has been on the Avengers and the Defenders, his allegiances with these teams have been tenuous at best. On account of all the mayhem he’s caused over the years, accidental or otherwise, few heroes trust him completely. She-Hulk is another story altogether.

She’s been on multiple Avengers teams, A-Force, the Fantastic Four, was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, and even has her own legal firm, with which she assists her superhero friends to sort out any and all lawful matters they need help with. People not only trust Jennifer Walters, but they like her. She’s easy to get along with, can control her hulking transformations, and is a loyal friend and colleague.


The Living Tribunal and his abilities are nauseatingly powerful. Second only to the One Above All, The Living Tribunal, despite his vast powers, doesn’t get too involved in the affairs of the universe, or multiverse. His job is to safeguard the multiverse by maintaining balance. How he does this is up to him, but maintaining order is his typical modus operandi.

In She-Hulk #12 the Living Tribunal recruits She-Hulk to serve universal justice. Having already sworn to uphold the law, what with being a lawyer and all, Jennifer has no choice but stay true to her oath. All things considered, it’s a pretty big deal for the Living Tribunal to enter a person’s life; it speaks volumes to the individual’s character and personality. While this might not be a physical feat, it transcends punching by leaps and bounds.


In The Avengers #274 the Master of Evil, lead by Baron Zemo, hatch a master plan to destroy Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once and for all. In one instance, they beat Hercules into a coma. Issues later, his father Zeus hears the news and is not happy. The Avengers are forced to battle the Greek God pantheon, all the while trying to explain to the angry sky god that they weren’t the ones who hurt Hercules.

Zeus refuses to listen and fights the Avengers head on. Throughout the battle, She-Hulk delivers more punishment to Zeus than her cousin ever did. She takes everything the god throws at her and comes back for more. Sure, she had the Avengers to back her up, but it’s still impressive. Decades later in The Incredible Hulks series, the Hulk would try his hand at fighting Zeus…he lost in a matter of seconds.


The Champion of the Universe is one of the greatest fighters in the cosmos. Five billion years old, The Power Primordial fuels Champion’s body. The energies that make up the Champion’s body are so great, he cannot die, as Death has barred him from her realm; he’s invulnerable to all physical harm. When he first came to Earth, Champion defeated the Thing, Wonder Man, Sasquatch, and it’s implied he could’ve beaten the Hulk, but felt the hero wasn’t worth his time.

In one of her later series, She-Hulk fights him in a universal boxing match. Though she initially loses, she gets a rematch. She prepares for the upcoming bout by training her Jennifer Walters form with Gamora, so that her She-Hulk form will be stronger. When they fight again, She-Hulk completely demolishes the Champion, a being whose strength is so great he once destroyed an entire planet while fighting Thanos.


One of Marvel Comics’ most feared villains, Thanos is a cosmically powered juggernaut. The would-be destroyer of the universe and romantic partner of Death, Thanos is one of the Eternals, but was an anomaly to his people. A mutant of sorts, he was born with the deviant gene, which granted with horrifying powers. In She-Hulk #13, Jennifer ends up battling the mutant Eternal.

Granted, it ends up not being the real Thanos, but a synthetic duplicate. This false Thanos came with falsified memories. At the very least however, this clone of Thanos boasts all the powers of the original. Yet She-Hulk is already peeved that she’s dealing with a duplicate and decides it’s a perfect opportunity to take out the pent up anger she has towards the Mad Titan. For all the people he’s hurt, Jennifer demolishes fake Thanos.


The Wrecking Crew, despite their awful-sounding name, is one of Marvel’s most dangerous supervillain teams. Thanks to Loki, they received magical tools. On his own, the Wrecke has taken on, and even defeated Thor, but also knocked out the Hulk with a single punch in The Defenders #19.

The combined unit of the Wrecking Crew has not only defeated a ton of Asgardians, but even Hercules. The beating they gave the Greek demigod was so severe, that Hercules suffered PTSD for a bit. Despite all their power, that didn’t stop She-Hulk from taking them all on by herself and winning. In Secret Wars #7, She-Hulk beats the Wrecking Crew. Unfortunately, moments later She-Hulk is blindsided by Titania and the Absorbing Man, giving the Wrecking Crew time to pull themselves together and dog pile on her.


Yes, we know some purists are going to explain how Jennifer didn’t actually wield Thor’s hammer, in turn becoming the “Babe of Thunder”, and how it was actually a gag. Truth be told, they’re right! It was a gag segment, but let’s run with the idea for a second. In The Sensational She-Hulk #50 She-Hulk and her friend Renee are trying to figure out a new direction to take She-Hulk’s comic (spoiler alert: they both know they’re in a comic book).

They go through a couple options, like a possible hardboiled detective narrative, and for one page they muse over the idea of She-Hulk as the new Thor. Obviously it didn’t take, and obviously the idea was in jest, but can you imagine She-Hulk armed with Mjolnir? Firstly, if anyone is worthy of lifting the hammer, she is, but She-Hulk’s power would be downright… sensational.


If you want to get technical, Man-Thing is the gatekeeper of an inter-dimensional portal that serves as a bridge between realities. When he’s not on the clock, Man-Thing wanders about in the Florida Everglades. A solitary creature, Man-Thing is best known for his touch, which burns anyone who knows fear in his presence. With a remarkable array of powers, Man-Thing can’t be hurt by conventional means. He’s even fought the Hulk on multiple occasions; the Hulk’s never won any of their fights.

In Savage She-Hulk #8, She-Hulk proves once more that she’s more capable than her infamous cousin. Upon meeting the Man-Thing, the two heroes fight. Initially, Jennifer can’t hurt him, but as the Man-Thing feeds on emotion, he’s overwhelmed by her sheer anger and falls, defeated. The Hulk, for all his rage, has never come close to beating the Man-Thing or overloading his senses.

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