She-Hulk's 10 Most Ridiculous Feats of Strength, Ranked

She-Hulk is perhaps one of Marvel's strongest characters. If her past feats are anything to go by, she certainly should be considered in the top ten or higher. She-Hulk may have gained her powers from her cousin, but that was only the beginning of her adventures.

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She-Hulk has shown us again and again that she is capable of some insane and impressive feats. Fans can either love or hate these moments, but we suspect more people love what she's capable of. Especially when she delivers a satisfyingly destructive blow to an enemy. So, with that in mind, we're going to list her top 10 most insane feats of strength.

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10 A Constant Level of Strength

She-Hulk is one of those characters who is consistently strong. Unlike the Hulk, she's strong even in her "de-powered" version. This makes her a bit more difficult for antagonists to deal with her and has changed a lot of her daily life.

Jennifer Walters is a strong and independent woman. Not only is she physically strong, but she's emotionally and intellectually strong as well. She may be a superhero by night, but by day she's a kick-butt lawyer. And that is not something this list can ignore.

9 Beating Up Her Artist

Okay, we know that one sounds strange. But bear with us, okay? One time, She-Hulk managed to break out of her comics and beat up her artist. Yes, it's a bit strange. But it probably felt pretty satisfying. We imagine every character would like to try doing that at some point in time.

She-Hulk somehow managed to break out of her comic and get her hands on her artist (John Byrne). She then promptly threw him out a window. Ouch. Apparently she had an opinion on the matter, and words weren't enough to say how she felt?

8 A History of Gamma Absorption

She-Hulk has a history of coming across Gamma radiation and unintentionally absorbing it. This gives her a major boost – and turns her into an even bigger threat. Frequently when this sort of thing happens, She-Hulk loses her more lucid form and becomes stronger (but harder to control) version of herself.

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One of her first times as an Avenger forced her to come across a helicarrier leaking the radiation, where she got a significant boost. But that wasn't the last time we saw her lose control thanks to exposure caused by her superhero acts.

7 Grey Hulk

The Grey Hulk is a version of She-Hulk that came out most recently after Civil War II. This version of the Hulk showed the depression and anxiety that Jennifer Walters was being forced to cope with – all thanks to the major event mentioned earlier.

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This version of the She-Hulk is stronger, but also slightly less intelligent and harder to control. She's nothing like the supped up and gamma filled version we've seen – but she's still not somebody you'd want to face. And she can go toe to toe with heroes like Captain Marvel while in this form, and do so comfortably.

6 Rampaging

During a plot known as Avengers Disassemble, She-Hulk sort of lost control. Or, more accurately, the Scarlet Witch took that control away from her. She-Hulk went on a blinding rampage, and it did not go well for the Avengers that got in her way.

She came closer than we'd like to admit to killing Captain America. And she ripped Vision in half. And no, we don't mean that figuratively. We mean she literally ripped the man into two separate pieces. It wasn't pretty.

5 War of the Realms

She-Hulk was involved in the most recent major event to hit Marvel Comics: the War of the Realms. She was an Avenger, so this made complete sense. In this event, she joined Thor and the others while they battled the forces brought together by Malekith.

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She-Hulk learned to embrace her more brutal and stronger side during this battle – gleefully smashing dark elves and their allies, and not even remotely feeling guilty about it. She faced insurmountable odds during these battles, and yet she and her allies came out on top. This would not have been the case without her aid.

4 Battling the Olympians

She-Hulk has had more than her fair share of interactions against Olympians. Sometimes these...interactions are a bit comical. But that doesn't mean we can ignore them. For example, one-time She-Hulk faced Hercules himself in a match. That match? An arm-wrestling contest. And she won. Because of course she did.

She also went up against the one and only Zeus. This wasn't exactly a fair fight, in that she didn't have help. But she did pretty well, especially considering Zeus' past with Hulks (hint: he tends to do okay).

3 Kicking Thanos' Butt

Thanks to the magic of comic books, She-Hulk was able to face Thanos, without it actually being Thanos. We know, it's confusing. Basically, she went up against an antagonist who was a perfect duplicate of the mad titan himself.

And she kicked his butt. So it's good to know that she can take on Thanos if properly motivated. Or if she's enraged enough. There's little doubt in our mind that she would have gladly picked a fight with the real Thanos, had she been introduced to the MCU a bit earlier.

2 Celestial Boost

Avengers She-Hulk header

Remember above, where we mentioned that She-Hulk had a tendency to come across gamma radiation while being a hero? Well, it's true. In her most recent run on the Avengers, she and the team came across a bunch of falling Celestials.

During this event, she was exposed to a high amount of gamma radiation, once again. She didn't lose control, but it was a near thing. This time around, the gamma levels were so high that she essentially became a walking gamma bomb, a fact that she used to her advantage.

1 A Night on the Town

One time while She-Hulk was an Avenger (once again), she lost control. Again. And once again, it was all because she was exposed to more radiation. This time around, the radiation came from a man known as Jack of Hearts – a fellow Avenger.

During this rampage, she attacked the other Avengers, injuring several of them. She also basically destroyed the entire town they were in: Bone, Idaho. The Avengers wouldn't have been able to stop or control her, had Hulk himself not shown up to help out. And even then, they needed Jack of Hearts to step up and use his gamma to alter her state and gain control once again.

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