She-Hulk Smashes Into "Age of Ultron"

Continuing this week's deluge of teaser images for "Age of Ultron," Marvel Comics has released a new image of She-Hulk by artist Fenghua Zhong for Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's limited series that brings Ultron back to the Marvel Universe to tangle with the Avengers. The teaser is the third "Age of Ultron" full-figure character image released by the publisher, with Red Hulk and Black Widow already in the running for a possible expanded role in the series.

She-Hulk currently appears as The Thing's replacement in Matt Fraction's "FF," and has a far different look than depicted by "FF" artist Michael Allred, sporting short hair with her usual purple-and-white colored outfit. Much like previous "Age of Ultron" teasers, the background shows a city in ruins.

Check out Zhong's She-Hulk teaser below.

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