She-Hulk Chooses Her "Civil War II" Side In New Teaser

She-Hulk is the latest hero showcased in Marvel's series of "Civil War II" teaser images. The character's role in the upcoming superhero schism remains a secret, but She-Hulk will likely be at the middle of the skirmish, having already been a part of several piece of cover art for the event.

Previous Phil Noto-illustrated teasers have featured Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon, Medusa, Jean Grey, Black Panther and Thor.

"Civil War II" #0 is due from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel in May; the cover for that issue has been revealed. It's also known that the death of a major superhero will spur the events of "Civil War II." "Civil War II" #1, also written by Bendis and featuring the art from David Marquez, arrives in June.

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