She-Hulk #38

Yet another final issue review for me this week. What's going on here? This issue, of the three "final" issues I've reviewed, was the palest. The story followed She-Hulk as she was faced with the predicament of trying to decide whether or not to liberate her partner Jazinda the Skrull. This was not very riveting reading as far as plots go. Ah, but dark things lurked under the surface as we, the gentle readers, learned of more sinister designs for the Jade Giantess, designs that simply do not come about.

The fourth wall gets broken once more for readers of She-Hulk, as it appears that the law firm she was once employed by is also a front for Fourth Wall Enterprises. Beyond that tidbit, nothing more is really delivered on the notion of things more or less auspicious.

The artwork in this issue is consistent in form and function. Characters remain recognizable throughout, but also seem rather stiff and robotic, frequently to the point of distraction where expression did not match dialog. Not to bag on Scott, as he proves to be capable in the mechanics of producing this issue, but I honestly still have no idea where the heck Behemoth (one of the truly most hideously lame character designs, ever) came from.

This issue seemed to set up some more significant issues for Jen Walters, with the challenge of having to answer for harboring a fugitive as well as potential issues stemming from trying to re-establish her life in the wake of attacking and destroying a governmental facility. But these threads are apparently going to be clipped, as they are nowhere near strong enough to be the foundation for any additional stories featuring She-Hulk.

This series has traversed quite a distance from where Dan Slott originally started off, essentially becoming a separate book altogether with a cast divergent from the original in as many ways as possible. Personally, I'm glad we're getting a break from She-Hulk, as I think Marvel truly needs to figure out how best to utilize this uniquely Marvel character. Maybe she needs to have a visit with Mephisto. . .

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