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She Has No Head! – The Good, The Bad, and the Very Hilarious in Superhero Halloween Costumes

by  in Comic News Comment
She Has No Head! – The Good, The Bad, and the Very Hilarious in Superhero Halloween Costumes

I’m exhausted and I love October, let’s do something fun!

What did I find when I started hunting for superhero Halloween costumes? Right out of the gate I’ll tell you I’m going to mostly avoid talking about the bizarre “super sexy superhero” thing because it’s just too easy, and also other’s have already done it before and better.  Although this new “sexy Robin” is almost as good as some of those we’ve seen in recent years – like “Sassy Ninja Turtles” and “Sexy Spider-Girl.”

Let’s start with something that’s actually kinda good.  You know there are bound to be a few Black Widow’s roaming around this year, and while many of the Black Widow costumes out there are complete shit, this one, which is a bit more pricey, actually looks pretty good:

Although, I’d skip out on that crappy wig and upgrade it for something like this or this, they may look less like the “Scarlett Johannson” version, but this also doesn’t look like that version and is unflattering and cheap to boot.

Classic Harley Quinn is always a good costume, and this one from Costume Craze is pretty nice. Of course you could always be completely irrational and decide to go for slutty Harley, or New 52/Arkham Asylum Harley, which looks mostly like “Slutty/Dead Harley”:

And moving on to some more very very bad – Marvel has really cornered the market on really ridiculously bad costumes for men this year, with some truly lame X-Men offerings:

I know Gambit’s costume has always been a little douche-y but this generic purple and silver nightmare lends new meaning to the word, and look at that hair…jeezus. But the old-man Magento costume is almost worse. something about those pants and shoes together make me soooo sad.  Funnily enough the Beast mask isn’t bad, but it doesn’t seem to have eye-holes, and the entire crotch area is just…really freaking odd.  But my favorite bit is probably the horrible little jagged edges on the pants.  But what’s more ridiculous than a Punisher with white boots?  Most. Impractical. Costume. Ever.  Well, except for almost all female superhero costumes.  Who do you think would be afraid of this guy?

Similar to the Beast costume, this Mystique costume is not so bad, but man, you better not screw up the blue body paint or you’re going to end up with blue all over that pristine white all night:

But easily the silliest, worst, and most absurd “superhero” costume I came across was this one…called “Daughter of Wolverine” WTF?!?!:

To me, if you can’t actually pull off looking like a superhero/model in one of the costumes above (and who of us can?) or you don’t want to look like an utter douchebag, then I feel like it’s best to go funny. And here are some awesomely funny superhero options:

Captain America, super muscles!
Between the colors, the false muscles, and the hat with wings, this is hilariously fun.

And if you can’t be the very serious “Christian Bale deep-voice Batman,” then totally go for this Adam West Batman, which is way more fun:

Or, EVEN BETTER, is this old-fashioned “Second Skin” Batman-look at his head! It’s SO GREAT.

The most excited I got in my search, was when I came across a Lynda Carter Vintage Wonder Woman image:

But of course everything I found for Wonder Woman was the same old crappy cheaply made Wonder Woman variations. But then I did a hard target search on Etsy and man did I find some cool Wonder Woman costumes.  Sure, you’ll need to drop a pretty penny if you wanted any of them…but man they look worth it if you’ve got the extra scratch:

It’s a cool $425.00 for this one, but it’s one of a kind and absolutely gorgeous. Of course it helps to look like the lovely lady pictured as well.

$395.00 for this custom version and you can even customize to a shirt, shorts, or briefs, though I think the full authentic briefs look the best!  There’s also a $545.00 version…not sure if the difference is that it includes a cape?

And if you’ve got sewing skills (I don’t) you can make your own for far cheaper.

While I was shopping I found these, which are TO DIE FOR.  All that said, if I had my druthers (and tons of cash) I’d just go as this sandwich, because it’s awesome.

Of course, if you REALLY want to be cutting edge, you should go as Lola LeFever or Bonnie Braverman from THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING.  Sure, nobody will know who you are this year, but man will you look smart when it’s a blockbuster film in a few years! 😉






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