She Has No Head! - Random Thoughts Mash-up #1

She Has No Head! meets Chad Nevett’s Random Thoughts…OMG. WHAT. WILL. HAPPEN?  Let’s find out!

Here's the deal, I’m way behind on my novel revisions for my agent, work is crazy busy, I’ve been sick and I just can’t seem to catch up, also my planned column for this week got pushed back due to some things beyond my control.  So the benevolent Chad Nevett agreed to let me pilfer his column concept (and I should add fearless leader Brian Cronin suggested the idea to me months ago) and so here we are!  Did you really want to see how the sausage gets made people?  I thought not!

Random She Thought: It’s She Has Random Thoughts Time!  Get Excited!

Link Thought: 1979 Semi-Finalist for blog-y comics stuff, 79semifinalist for twitter-y comics stuff, Kelly Thompson on CBR for review-y comics stuff and 1979 Semi-Finalist for website-y stuff.

Random She Thought: So drunk cover solicits happened this weekend on 1979 Semi-Finalist…it was particularly exciting (or horrible, your call) because I was also still sick, so it was like a bottle of Veuve, an overdose of Nyquil plus all the cover solicits a body can handle.  Good times!

Random She Thought:  My excitement for Game of Thrones prior to Sunday night was OFF THE CHARTS.  Like, seriously alarming in its intensity.

Random She Thought:  My excitement for Game of Thrones post Sunday night?  THE. SAME.  Brilliant television makes me so happy.

Random She Thought: While we’re on the topic of television, I’m sure this is really the wrong crowd for a couple reasons, but do you guys watch The Good Wife?  It’s really freaking good television.  So smart.

Random She Thought: Have any of you been watching The Killing on AMC?  It's pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.  But I'm a sucker for detective stories, especially those set in rainy gloomy locations and with a strong female protagonist.  This most recent episode was the weakest yet though, which does not bode well.

Random She Thought: Please don’t make me talk about comics…

Random She Thought: Okay, fine.  So yeah, comics…what’s up with those?

Random She Thought: I’m really pissy about this Flashpoint stuff.  I mean I’m going to have to read a fair bit of it I suspect, but every single thing I read about it makes me more and more nervous.  I’m like that idiot chick in a horror movie that is totally going into the scary basement, even though everyone including her is like "this is a bad idea!" And we're all screaming at me "Don't do it!" But the next thing I know I’m up to my hips in blood and there’s a guy in a hockey mask standing behind me with a chainsaw in the already super creepy basement.  And I’m just thinking…WHY DON’T I KNOW BETTER?

Random She Thought: But comics gives and it takes away.  Because I really liked Uncanny X-Men #535 with Kieron Gillen and The Dodsons this past week...but next month Greg Land will be the artist for that particular book and my eyes will be bleeding.  But you know who will be on the next issue of Birds of Prey?  Jesus Saiz.  And he’s ah-mazing.  Plus, Jamal Igle is bringing it on Zatanna, which is very cool.  Then again Mike Deodato has ruined New Avengers for me.  See, give one, take one.  Give one, take one.  Jesus comics.

Random She Thought: So depressing. Although, speaking of Uncanny X-Men, Emma was putting on some sweet X gauntlets in last issue…did you guys see those?  Badass. Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy.

Random She Thought: In fact, you wanna see my head literally (yes, Greg, literally!) explode?  Ask me about Fabian Nicieza’s quotes about Cass Cain’s forthcoming appearance in Red Robin.  You know the funny thing is a friend of mine was all “Don’t you worry that all this fan demand for Cass Cain to appear will result in her appearing, but it being terrible?”  And I was all “Ross, don’t be silly!” Oh-ho!  Who’s the idiot now?  Me, that’s who.

Random She Thought: Maybe Scott Snyder can do better with Cass in Gates of Gotham.  In fact, let me just put it out there very clearly.  SCOTT! ALL MY CASS CAIN EGGS ARE IN YOUR BASKET.  No pressure or anything.

Random She Thought: Are you all reading Snyder's Detective Comics arc?  Some of the best damn Batman comics I've ever read, and Batman isn't even in them much so far.  Really brilliant thought provoking stuff.

Random She Thought: Here's a question for you all...what matters more to you in a comic?  The writing or the art? If you can't have both being an awesome perfect merging of excellence as we'd all prefer - which is the trade off you're more willing to accept?  Is it more tolerable to read a great story with horrible offensive Greg Land art (or pick your poison for whatever kind of art you personally hate), or some crazy brilliant art paired with a story/writing that just doesn't work?  Even though bad offensive art sucks and can send me running from a well-written comic in terror, I think the truth is that for a good story I'm sometimes willing to stick it out, while the reverse is almost never true...

Random She Thought: You know what book is really good?  Uncanny X-Force.  Too bad it has such a silly name. How does the word "uncanny" fit with what the current X-Force team/book is about?  What about The Killingest X-Force?  Yup, I could do this shit for a living.  I appreciate that Psylocke finally actually looks Asian in the book, but could she also finally get a decent costume?  See, again…give one, take one.  Would it kill you to just give comics?

Random She Thought: If we’re going to have a really good book with a title as silly as Uncanny X-Force, can we duplicate that and have this Logan's Angels of Fury book?  With a title that lame and art that good, it would have to be awesome.

Random She Thought: Speaking of Wolverine, I know he’s way over saturated at this point, but I love the hell out of the Wolverine & Jubilee mini-series.  Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto are just killing it on that book.  So smart and funny, and just completely enjoyable.  It’s one of the best minis I’ve read in a really long time.  I'm really sad this week is the last issue.

Random She Thought: Last Wolverine thought, I swear.  I don’t know when my love for Wolverine went from “badass Wolverine” to “grouchy old man Wolverine” but I so prefer grouchy old man Wolverine.  When I see badass Wolverine he just looks silly to me now.  It was probably that Faith Erin Hicks grouchy old man Wolverine short she did where he's mad about the X-kids eating his Canadian eggs that turned me.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

Random She Thought: There was a rumor that Brian Wood was going to write Supergirl.  I didn’t ever fully believe it, but man did I want to.  Can you imagine how great that could be?  If there’s anyone that can get me to have any interest in Supergirl it’s Brian Wood.  Could you imagine Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly on Supergirl?  That equals COMICS I WANT TO READ DC.  I am excited to see Kelly Sue DeConnick’s take though.

Random She Thought: Music is such a great thing. I know that sounds like the dumbest most obvious statement ever, but it's really amazing how much happier I am in my life when I replace 75% of random TV watching with music listening.  I can't replace all of my TV watching, because I still need room for GAME OF THRONES.  Also 30 Rock... Community...The Office...The Good Wife.  But other than that it should really all be music. I don't know why I always forget these "revelations" and go back to watching marathons of Law & Order that I've mostly already seen before.

Random She Thought: I was watching some youtube videos of different forms of martial arts as kind of preliminary research for a project I'm working on and the music on all those videos is terrible, just the most cliche obvious stuff you would expect.  But when I muted the videos and played The Go! Team's Grip Like a Vice things became like 100% more badass.

Random She Thought: I loathe getting involved in Fear Itself.  I don’t really know how to stay out of it though.  Can I really take Fear Itself and THEN Flashpoint?  I think it could break me.

Random She Thought: Did you guys see the hardcover edition of Stumptown?  Gorgeous.  Really beautiful slightly over sized, with this fabulous matte paper.  Stunning.  Also Demo Volume 2 came out recently - you may have seen something about it - though only a handful of you commented on my lovely piece about it…jerks.  DV8: Gods & Monsters comes out in a couple weeks too, for those of you that have been waiting for the trade. Hate the cover though, don't know why they didn't use one of those amazing Fiona Staples covers.

Random She Thought:  Odds that I’ll like the Wonder Woman TV Series…? Slim to none.

Random She Thought: Okay, wait, I can’t end on that bitter note…how about this…have you guys seen the great Superheroes Are For Girls, Too tumblr site?  It’s full of amazing pictures of girls and their love of superheroes.

Positivity thou shalt win out!

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