She Has No Head! - New Books To Read In 2015

I always like to do a post early in the year that looks forward to some of the books I’m most excited about on the horizon in 2015, helps me get pumped for the year and also try to make a mental note of all the projects I’m looking out for. I was ready with my list the first week of January but opted to wait to hear what news came out of Image Expo as they’ve had some truly exciting stuff in the last couple years, this year was no exception and added some great looking titles to my “must haves” list.

All that said, it was a bit hard to predict what I’m most excited about from Marvel and DC because their events (Secret Wars and Convergence, respectively) are even more potentially “line changing” and mysterious than usual. So keeping in mind that that accounts for a likely decreased number of books from both publishers on the list...let’s get going! I organized this by month and then for stuff that has nebulous release dates more a “going forward in 2015” category.


THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL (ongoing) by Ryan North, Erica Henderson, Maris Wicks, and Rico Renzi (Marvel).

First issue on this is out and I LOVED it. You should all love it too. It’s gone from being one of the intriguing titles I wanted to check out this year to a must buy. Check out the link for my detailed thoughts on the book.

OPERATION: S.I.N. (mini-series) by Kathryn Immonen, Richard Ellis, Michael Komarck (Marvel).

Delighted to have Kathryn Immonen back and writing for Marvel again. The first issue of this debuted already this month and it was pretty great. Not a home run like USG, but a comic that has a lot of depth and layers. Immonen does really well with this time period as evident by her excellent comic Moving Pictures with art by husband Stuart Immonen. I'm in for the long haul on this one...that said it's only a mini-series, so long haul is not a HUGE commitment I suppose.

LADY KILLER (mini-series) by Jamie S. Rich, Joelle Jones, and Laura Allred (Dark Horse).

The first issue of this new creator-owned mini-series already released this month and it’s a seriously impressive start. Rich and Jones, both separately and together have always been interesting and talented creators but something about this title strikes me as real magic for them both. Especially on Jones art, this feels like the PERFECT story for her style and her art looks better than ever. A bit of a Mad Men meets Dexter kind of high-concept vibe gives it some broad audience appeal and then Rich, Jones, and colorist Laura Allred’s strong execution will keep you around for more.

STAR WARS (ongoing) by Jason Aaron, John Cassaday, and Laura Martin (Marvel).

To be honest, the first issue didn’t wow me as it seemed to wow everyone else. Though I loved seeing characters I loved again and in a context that makes my nostalgia go all pitter pat I found the actual story a bit dry and slow for an opening #1, the writing a bit stilted, and Cassaday’s art a bit stiff. All things that could easily get better (and quickly) as the creative team falls into a groove, but I was a bit let down. Still, there’s no way this is coming off my pull list any time soon so the creative team has plenty of time to win me over. Besides, it was hardly a BAD comic, it was fine, it just wasn’t what I had kind of been hoping for.

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