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Let me set the scene…WOLVERINE IS IN TROUBLE! Who will save him? How about these three totally unlikely ladies? YES. I love Kitty but she works better when she’s allowed to be the high and mighty moral ground that can also surprise the hell out of you (think Kitty vs. Emma in Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men – all sarcastic and mean because she’s so annoyed to be working with someone of such questionable material) – so she’s just going to love her Domino/Mystique team up…but when your friend is in trouble, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna suck it up and use the help available to you, that’s what.

Writer: Jen Van Meter. I love Van Meter’s work and every time I read it, I’m all “why doesn’t she write more comics!?” While I’m anxiously awaiting her new Hopeless Savages volume, I’d love to get her on something mainstream. I loved her Black Cat mini-series a couple years back and she’s definitely got the anti-hero vibe locked down, I think she could definitely handle the general anti-hero-ness of this book.

Artist: Skottie Young. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Young draw anything to be published that wasn’t YA, like his OZ series and I suspect that’s a deliberate choice, but maybe with the right story we could lure him into a rollicking adventure book with a couple anti-heroes and a too-young-school-marm. Goodness knows he's freaking amazing at it.

Covers: Young


I was hesitant to put these two together because well, obvious. And because they’re currently in a book alongside one another, and they were also recently in another book alongside one another in a way that began promising before the wheels came off in a spectacular fashion. But all that to say, I liked where this began. I don’t know that Humphries writing of Betsy ever quite worked for me (even in the beginning) but I like the idea of both Storm and Psylocke in kind of bad places in their lives, leaning on one another and getting shit done. They’ve both been through the gauntlet (and then some) and they’ve reacted differently to things. I think they’ve got a lot to offer one another, as well as a lot of great history worth building on. I say, you send them to Japan for some reason since they both have history there, and let them overcome some old baggage like the badasses they are, while being superheroic on the side, since, y’know, it’s their JOB.

Writer: Marjorie Liu. I’m not sure if she’s had a chance to work with either character much, but I’d sure like to see what she has up her sleeve after her fine work with both Black Widow and Laura (X-23).

Artist: Olivier Coipel. I know that Coipel is like Marvel’s genius that they pilot in on anything they want to give a strong start to, and they’re certainly not wrong, but I’d definitely like to see the guy do more than three issues at a shot. Would love to see him for a year (or close to one!) on something like this since he draws the best Psylocke I have EVER. SEEN. And his mohawk Storm pretty much can’t be beat either. Bonus points if Rogue shows up at some point because man, do I love his Rogue. All right fine, I love everything he does. Leave me alone. Alternate artist for when the inevitably pull Coipel? Mahmud Asrar.

Covers: Coipel


Oil and Water, baby, sometimes that is just not a bad thing. I like the idea of the incredible darkness that is Elektra trying to get along with the incredible lightness that is She-Hulk. Tonally, it would be a tough balance to strike, but these unlikely bedfellows, on the right mission, could make for an amazing pair. The jokes alone (all She-Hulk’s?) have so much potential I can’t possibly stand it. But we need more than potential jokes. Just imagine how well they compliment one another physically. Utter opposites, with completely different strengths in every way. Honestly, the more I write about this, the more excited I get! Bonus points for both of them having ongoings of their own coming up and thus making them both “A-listers” of a sort!

Writer: Kathryn Immonen. Immonen is a very funny writer unafraid of unconventional plots; she also did an awesome She-Hulk (though not enough of her) in Heralds. She’d be great on something like this.

Artist: David Aja. Let’s be clear, I want Aja drawing Hawkeye FOREVER. But assuming it will not actually last forever (and I have to assume that) then I’d love to see him on something like this. He’s proven with Hawkeye that he can do well-paced humor like nobody’s business and one of the first things I ever saw him do that BLEW MY MIND was his issue of Ellis’s Secret Avengers in which he handled the action choreography in a way that, well, blew my mind, as said. So yeah, he’s got this. No problem

Covers: Aja


Sue and I interviewed Kelly Sue DeConnick on last week’s 3 Chicks Review Comics and since DeConnick has turned me into a massive Captain Marvel fan and I have long been a die hard Rogue fan, I asked if/when we might be seeing Rogue show up in Capt. Marvel. I also expressed my  general disappointment that when writers pair the two up for stories they pretty quickly let it with it devolve into punching and nothing REAL gets dealt with.  DeConnick was sweet in entertaining my wishes but admitted that she’d have a lot of research to do on Rogue before she could write a resonant Carol/Rogue story. I helpfully suggested she pilot me for our own team-up whenever she was ready to write that story. So here I am. DeConnick suggested that Carol invite Rogue over for spaghetti, so I say we start there and then let things get weird (as they tend to do when superheroes meet up for simple things like dinner). So, yeah, no way I was making up this list without including THAT book.

Writer(s): Kelly Sue DeConnick & Kelly Thompson

Artist: Valerio Schiti

Covers: Kris Anka

10. I’m gonna leave half of this one up to you guys…cause I just couldn’t figure out the perfect cast to go with the story I want to see. So, the first half of the pair is FUTURE MOLLY HAYES (from the Runaways). Future Molly recently popped up in the (generally disappointing as a whole Battle of the Atom event) and she was AMAZING even though technically a villain it seems. As evidenced by the awesome panel of she and present day Wolverine (ab0ve) she's amazing. Anyway, it left me wishing pretty damn hard for a “season” of Future Molly Hayes, in her world or in ours, I’ll take whatever I can get. If she’s in ours, who would be a good guide? Maybe help her see that she doesn’t have to hook up with The Brotherhood in the distant future?

Writer and Artist? I know she's already way too busy over at Dark Horse but I'd love to get Rebekah Isaacs on a marvel book, and I know she could kill something like this. Writer? I'm not so sure, probably depends a bit on who we assign to pair up with Molly. Suggestions?

So what else? What are some bizarre and exciting lady team up books you’d pay good money to see?


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