Shazam, X-Men 3, Aquaman, Spider-Man 3: April 13th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), Peter Segal has come aboard to direct "Shazam!" -- an adaptation of a DC Comics' comic book series featuring Captain Marvel -- for New Line Cinema. Segal also will produce along with Michael Ewing via their Callahan Filmworks banner. Writers on the long-gestating project include William Goldman and Bryan Goluboff.


XMenFilms.net has a new photo of fire-wielding mutant Pyro in action, while this French site has new photos of Angel in mid-air, Storm tossing lightning, and some spiky-faced dude. Meanwhile, actress Ellen Page talked to About.com regarding the miseducation of Kitty Pryde.


AquamanTV has what looks like the first promo shot from the moist CW pilot, which they scanned in from the Hollywood Reporter.


Thomas Haden Church was interviewed by Skewed and Reviewed (heh, rhyming is fun) and talked about the physical challenges to the role of Flint Marko. He has put on 20 lbs of "lean muscle" through intense diet and weight training. Thomas said that he lifts for about 90 minutes a day 5-6 days a week to keep the reguired tone, and that after 13 months, the training had become "damn boring," but it is what the part required.


Kryptonsite has new screen captures from next Thursday's episode, "Mercy." As well, TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column gives cryptic clues to the season finale: "Q: Does the choice Clark will have to make in Smallville's season finale revolve around Chloe and her feelings for him? Ñ Mary A: No. His choice is bigger than any one person." Hmm ...


Speaking of Clark Kent, an article at IGN's FilmForce outlines how director Bryan Singer found his Superman. "It was a Friday," said Routh. "My agent called, and I didn't want to answer the phone because I had a headache. But she kept calling and calling." Finally answering the phone, his agent told him Bryan Singer wanted an immediate meeting. "I was shocked and thinking finally, because I'd done several things in the process and kept thinking it was never gonna happen." The rest, as they say ...


If you like Windows Media (or don't have BitTorrent), you can check out a clip from the episode where the League meets the Legion of Super Heroes.


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