Shazam, Transformers, Heroes, Iron Man: May 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


The Rock is still getting people charged up about the possibility that he might play the Big Red Cheese, as you can see in this blog at MTV, complete with video. The project's really, really exciting, said the Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson. "Everybody involved, from the writer [John August] to the producers and [the director] Pete Segal, is very passionate about it."


Speaking of MTV's movie blog, another post notes that a cool bit of product placement may get a lot of attention. "The Transformer that will steal all the scenes I would say is this little iPod thing, [it's] crazy," said actor Josh Duhamel. "It's pretty cool. It's like this crazy little 12-inch iPod that turns into this little killing machine."

Meanwhile, Comingsoon.net has posted two new TV spots that aired during the "Heroes" season finale.


Producer Greg Beeman posted a blog about the season finale, summing up the events of the year and talking a little about what's to come: "While you guys may have to wait 3 months or so for the next installment, let me encourage you with the following news: First we here at 'HEROES' are already all back at work. Episode 1 is being written as we speak and we begin shooting episode 1 in about 1 short month. I have heard the writers pitch out the story lines for the next season and lemme tell you they are freakin' awesome. There are new characters. New powers. Some of the characters you have come to know and love, in fact, DID die last night. And ALL those who survive will be moving on in new and unexpected directions. We are all ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to not repeating ourselves next season Ð but in bringing you a freshly conceived show. Also, the reason we are beginning so early is that we are all committed to long runs of the show next year with very few, and very short hiatuses. We don't want to be off the air with new episodes for 5 or 6 weeks anymore."


Getting back to MTV, they caught actor Jeff Bridges talking a little about being Obadiah Stane. "We were talking about improvisation in ["Surf's Up"]; well, we're doing a lot of improvisation in 'Iron Man' to discover scenes and get off the written page and doing a lot of work like that," Bridges said. "I know Jon is very interested in grounding it as much in reality as he possibly can. The suit for instance, the first suit, it looks like, 'Oh yeah, maybe that could happen.' It's all possible."

Elsewhere on the web, Superhero Hype has a fan report about a strangely apropos choice of filming locales. "They are filming Iron Man at Downey Studios," their scooper wrote. "There are yellow direction cards with the initials IM. There was huge crane lifting what look liked a section of a building into the air. Also there is an elaborate set built right at the entrance of the studio with a section of a building overlooking the street."


One more from MTV? Okay -- actor Gerard Butler told them that the beleaguered Alan Moore adaptation is once again in trouble. "We've been talking about ['Watchmen'] for a while, but [Zack's] never told me a character and to be honest, now I'm looking a little bit picked up," Butler said. "I don't know if 'Watchmen' is going to be happening."


IESB has the trailer for the live-action take on the classic cartoon.


Can't wait for the movie? You can tease yourself a bit by hearing clips of every song on the soundtrack over at -- where else? -- Soundtrack.net.

Director Tim Story is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about his priorities for the sequel. "We tried to get the Fantasticar in the last movie, and it just didn't make sense for it to come that early," Story said. "[For the sequel,] the top two things that I started working on were the wedding and the Fantasticar, because the Fantasticar is kind of like the fifth character of the Fantastic Four."

Actor Michael Chiklis echoed that sentiment when he was quoted at Comics2Film. "The Fantasticar...is pretty fantastic! I'd love to have one of those," Chiklis said. This breaks up into parts...into individuals, which is pretty awesome. This is mine right behind me. It's kind of macho actually. Put together it's gonna look phenomenal. The first time I looked at it I was excited. I'm a car guy. This one flies. I don't know, I'd love to cruise around in this one if we could get it to work." He also revealed that the section built for the thing has a "huge bucket seat" and dual joysticks to control more than one section of the vehicle.

Screenwriter Don Payne told IGN about where he drew inspiration from. "You've always gotta go back to the comics," Payne said. "We're pulling from 'Fantastic Four' #48-50. We're also doing #57-60, which is, I believe, the Doctor Doom/Silver Surfer story. And some moments from 'Ultimate Extinction' as well -- there are a couple things borrowed from there. And some new stuff all kind of thrown in. I just saw a documentary where Jack Kirby referred to the Silver Surfer as a fallen angel and I think that's a good analogy. I think he's one of the most complicated characters in comic book history, maybe the most complicated, because he's done this amazing selfless act by saving his own planet and giving up the woman he loves to save her life and yet he's become part of horrible genocide on a cosmic scale and there's a moral ambiguity there. He's a noble creature who's got a Zen-like detachment from his actions and ultimately starts to become human again. Although he's not human."


Director Tad Stones notes on his blog that fans who get the new "Hellboy: Blood and Iron" at Best Buy can get a special treat: a "Cigar Smoking Hellboy action figure available in extremely limited quantity on June 12th."


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