Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil: Yup, kids heart it.

So, as you may or may not know, last year I had a class that I just completely fell in love with.  Best kids ever.  And I got them hooked on the Marvel Family.  We'd tell Captain Marvel stories for reward time, they'd draw their own comics, and at the end of the year I gave them all Marvel Family t-shirts of the color of their choice.  Well, imagine their excitement when I mentioned he was actually having his first new comic book in years.  The good folks at Rocketship made sure to order us some extra copies and thus you have some very happy Brooklynites:  UPDATED WITH OUR SHIRTS!

Look at that love!

Reading enjoyment:

Billy's hair standing up?  Comedy gold!

They FREAKED out with joy.  I brought in the kids that used to be in the class but got moved this year to another.  They were thrilled, too.  Anyway, I'll have more to say when I finally finished my "writing legitimate critiques and reviews is hard" column.  Enjoy till then!

UPDATE:  So, Jonah asked me to go ahead and share the photos of the class from last year in our Marvel Family shirts.  I forget that I'm not just writing this for the message boards anymore and people that haven't seen these pics might be around.  Enjoy!

These are from our big field day near the end of the year.  Some parents got the shirts, too.

They partied till they puked.  Then they partied EVEN MORE!

I befriended some of the parents, and one here has become one of my best friends.  Her daughter is now my fake daughter and I'm so proud of my pretty little genius I embarrass everyone.  Here's our Nerd Family Outing I.

Criff Dogs, Magnolia Cupcakes, Toy Tokyo and me looking like I have a waddle . . .

They even gave me a crystal award at the end of the year with a big lightning bolt etched in it.  Unfortunately, it doesn't really photograph well.  So I hope you liked those, too!

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