Shazam, The Incredible Hulk, Transformers, Heroes: May 10th Comic Reel Wrap


Could the Big Red Cheese be played by the People's Champion? A tidbit at Superhero Hype notes that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has spoken to director Peter Segal for the heroic project. "John August is writing the script and he's a tremendous writer," Johnson said, "and I'll just wait for the script to come in. But I'd love to work with Pete again, and certainly would want to work with John August. So there's a strong possibility." Apparently the former wrestler has spoken to Segal already, lobbying for the role.


Who's playing the antagonist Edward Norton will face in the reboot Marvel movie? CBR knows and we're happy to tell you ...


As of this writing you have an hour or two to get it together: Superhero Hype also has a flyer noting that early birds can get screening passes and a special action figure from Hasbro if they show up in Hollywood this morning between 7AM-9AM. Good luck with that.


CBR also has promotional photos and video previews of next Monday's episode, "Landslide."


New trailer? Okay ...


According to Variety, Kristen Hager (the CW's "Runaway") has landed a supporting role in Universal's Mark Millar adaptation. Hager's credits include the upcoming "I'm Not There" and "Alien vs. Predator: AVP2."


In an interview with CBR, creator Darwyn Cooke said that work has wrapped on the "New Frontier" animated direct-to-DVD movie.


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