Shazam, Punisher: War Zone, Wanted: June 26th Comic Reel


Why not a comedy, director Peter Segal? He told AMC the answer. "I think superheroes are heroes with flaws, and in their flaws, there is a sense of humor," Segal said. "A few people have asked me if I'm trying turn the film into a light comedy, and I'm saying absolutely not. However, real fans of 'Shazam' know there's a great sense of humor just in the fact that a 13-year-old boy morphs into a 28-year-old superstud, Captain Marvel. There's almost a genre for movies like that -- 'Big,' '13 Going on 30' -- but they're all following in the footsteps of 'Shazam.'"


... and now, for something completely different. Co-writer Art Marcum is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about the blood-soaked requel. "The core idea in that script was really good," Marcum said. "That was one of the reasons why we sparked to it. The other thing we sparked to was when we went and started discovering the comics, the Garth Ennis series. We loved it. So immediately we just thought that sensibility -- Garth's sensibility -- needs to be in the script and on the screen. So that was our starting point."


More video? Enjoy a chat with actors James McAvoy and Common at Superhero Hype.

Meanwhile, Mark Millar got interviewed by The Playboy Blog (yes, that Playboy), saying, "When Timur came in, he brought this crazy eastern European bravado with him. Everything about the book that had been scrapped was really all the stuff he brought back in. He was very unapologetic about his love of violence, whereas the original draft was a bit apologetic and Wesley Gibson, the protagonist, just learned a lesson, kind of. I was quite pessimistic about the movie originally. I didn't think it was going to work and I was prepared for that. But then I went out for dinner in Hollywood with the producer and Timur, who had just come on. Timur had his laptop and showed me the previs (a computerized storyboard) he'd been working on. I thought it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen in my life. Timur not only captured what I wanted, but he's improved on it. Right up until I went to the screening out in Los Angeles and even then, I was hoping, 'Please don't suck,' and it just blew away my expectations."


More spoilers in the CBR News interview with actor Gary Oldman.

There's also new viral marketing with a new edition of the Ha Ha Times online, Pasqual's Bistro from the "Gotham Tonight" viral video also has a viral site, and actor Michael Jai White talked to Blackfilm about taking a Gamble with the sequel. His character? "An underworld figure who basically vying for control of the underworld, along with some other folks," White said. "There seems to be a vacancy from the last film after Falcone's demise."

Plus, two new clips from "Entertainment Tonight" ended up on YouTube ...


Sticking around Gotham City for a moment, how about five minutes from the animated feature, courtesy of MTV?


What themes will the show approach in season three? Sci Fi Wire has creator Tim Kring discussing just that. "One of the things that this volume is going to do that, I think, is really going to be fun for the audience is that there were very initial sort of primal questions that the show asked," Kring said. "Who am I? What's happening to me? How am I connected? Where are these powers coming from? All of those questions get reframed and turned on their head in a very interesting way in this volume."


Getting back to YouTube, director Zack Snyder got caught in this clip talking about bringing Nite-Owl's ride to Comic-Con ...

Sci Fi Wire (they're having a banner day today) notes that Snyder is editing the first cut now. "The balancing act for me is, you want the movie as tight as possible for, I don't know why, I guess so people can enjoy it," Snyder said. "But for me, the hardest part is just, when is it not 'Watchmen' anymore? I don't think that's a danger, but it's a thing that I am trying to be the gatekeeper of while other forces conspire to say, 'No. Length, length, length. Playability.' Whatever the hell that means."


Spoilers ahoy in an early review at Ain't It Cool News.

Sci Fi Wire has more quotes from director Guillermo del Toro, heaping praise on the sequel. "It's tenfold better, in my view," del Toro said. "It's crazier, bigger, freer, and certainly creatively it was much more fun to make. As an exercise in production it was as creative as the first one, because the first one was [$66 million], this is [$85 million]. But the scope we wanted was like that of a movie of [$200 million] or more."

What would del Toro do for a third film? He told Collider just that.


CBR News has a spoilery review.

300 2? 299?

Sequel, prequel ... just get ready to reintroduce yourself to the Spartans, if this video interview with Collider is to be believed, complete with a new Frank Miller story to go along with it.


Collider also theorizes that a new strike, fueled by internecine arguing between SAG and AFTRA, could "ruin" SDCC. Why, will the bars shut down?


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