10 Shazam Gifts To Get Any DC Fan Before The Movie

Carol Danvers isn't the only Captain Marvel making their big screen debut this year. Shazam from DC Comics is getting his own movie, which is appropriately titled Shazam!. Needless to say, the film will bring in new fans for the character, but older fans are probably excited to see how Earth's Mightiest Mortal is brought to the big screen.

For the Shazam fans, now is the time to get excited about your character. In anticipation of the movie's release, we have a gift guide featuring all sorts of Shazam-related items. If you want to get a new collectible for yourself or someone else, take a look at this Shazam gift guide.


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DC worked a few times to rebuild their own continuity, with one of their most memorable runs being the New 52. In this timeline, many of their characters were given altered origins to make them appear more modern and, for lack of a better term, cooler.

This is the case with Shazam. Billy Batson is reimagined as a teenager struggling to find his place in the world. However, he gains a new responsibility when met by the wizard Shazam, who gives him the powers of special gods. He then has to learn to use his powers and find a new moral compass.


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Shazam! won't be the first time that Billy Batson has appeared somewhere outside of comics. He was originally in a short film titled Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam. After gaining his powers, Billy has to work to take on Black Adam, who seems to have a better grasp on the god powers than he does.

However, Shazam teams up with Superman to try and get the job done. This blu-ray is a collection of three other short films, though, centering around Jonah Hex, Spectre, and the Green Arrow. There's more bang for your buck in this DC movie collection.


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One of the coolest parts of Shazam is how his powers integrate with his design. With the ability to change his form in a bolt of lightning or summon his powers while his cape flows in the wind, it makes for a very visually appealing character.

For the Shazam fans, this statue from Diamond Select Toys might fill that need for a Shazam figure in your life. Shazam is standing on a rock in an action pose as he summons a massive lightning bolt. There are accurate and varied details on the costume from his golden cape to multi-colored shoes.



Like most superheroes, Shazam has a symbol that can be identified from the rest. While the Shazam logo is hard to differentiate from the Flash logo at times (be prepared for people to mix up the two when complimenting this shirt), that shouldn't stop fans from sporting the logo of their favorite superhero.

This shirt is simple, featuring a red background with a yellow lightning bolt, which is a derivative of the actual design. The shirt also comes with some nice stickers featuring the character as he appeared in older comics and the logo found on the shirt so you can personalize more of your belongings with Shazam.


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Colorful socks have become extremely popular. Just about every character you can think of probably has their own pair of socks for fans to wear. With Shazam, though, there is a bit more creativity involved. A fairly recent trend is to give superhero socks tiny capes of their own.

While such an addition is extremely impractical, it's also neat to see. For those that love Shazam, these cape socks sport the character's logo on the shin with little white capes on the back. It might be the kind of thing you only wear at special parties, but it's sure to gain some attention nonetheless.



Shazam might not be the most popular DC character, but he's big enough that Funko already has a Pop! figure of him on the way. Naturally, this figure is based on the design of the character seen in the Shazam! movie, using Zachary Levi's appearance as a benchmark.

The figure is in a standard pose, but the cape is flowing to one side and his fists are closed, showing that he means business. It's important to keep in mind that this Funko Pop! is a pre-order and won't be released until April 10. That said, it's a great way to keep the hype going for the movie's release.


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With every superhero comes an iconic supervillain that takes everything they stand for and turns it on its head. For Shazam, that villain is Black Adam. Blessed with the same powers as Billy Batson, Black Adam often uses those powers to simply get what he wants out of the world, whether it be conquering a nation or working with other villains.

Black Adam is an important character in Shazam lore, which is why this well-crafted action figure would make a great gift for fans. While Black Adam won't be appearing in the movie, a figure of him would be a great addition to any Shazam collection.


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Despite Shazam's grown appearance, most people forget that Earth's Mightiest Mortal is just a young kid. His best friend is Freddy Freedman, who seems to be playing a big role in the Shazam! film. For those that want to get ready for the movie, Shazam!: Freddy's Guide to Super Hero-ing is a book that might make a great gift.

This book, written to look like a teenager's notebook, has all sorts of details and tricks from both Freddy and Billy about what it means to be a superhero. It's a book meant for people to have a great time with and might make for a decent collectible.


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Most movies get novel adaptations, and they can sometimes add to the movies with new scenes and information. That's why Shazam!: The Deluxe Junior Novel could be a great gift for fans of the character. Not only would it give them a taste of what to expect from the upcoming film, but it's possible that it could add certain elements that would make the experience even more enjoyable.

The book is confirmed to have exclusive scenes and special color illustrations, so it could easily work alongside the movie to tell an even more complete story. It's also available for purchase now if you can't wait for the movie any longer.



Mary is a character set to appear in the Shazam! movie. Fans of the character may already know that Mary was known as Mary Marvel in the comics. Having the same powers as Billy Batson, she was a female version of Shazam, ready to help whenever needed. While we're not sure to what extent she'll add to the film, this Funko Pop! suggests that she might have a bigger role.

Regardless, those who want the Shazam Funko Pop! figure may be motivated to add Mary to their collection as well. She has a similar design to the lead character and would look great next to the other figures.

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