Shazam, G.I. Joe, Speed Racer: August 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Ain't It Cool News caught up with screenwriter Peter Segal about bringing the World's Mightiest Mortal to the screen. "This kid is a prepubescent boy that gets to morph and become a superhero and I think youÕve got to ... thatÕs so richÉ you know, to find two actors, because I donÕt think one actor can play 14 and 28 ... thatÕd be a little creepy like 'CLIFFORD' or something, I donÕt know, but thatÕs why I think they came after a guy like me."


The rumor at IESB is that Stephen Sommers has been chosen to direct the Hasbro adaptation, set up at Paramount with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.


There's two script reviews out about the Emile Hirsch-fueled race film, a positive one from Ain't It Cool News and a negative one from Latino Review.


New footage was revealed at last weekend's Wizard World Rosemont, and CBR News was on hand to get every detail, including an appearance by actor Christian Bale, director Christopher Nolan and writers David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan.


This ain't your daddy's barbarian -- a story in Variety reports that Millennium Films has acquired the rights to make a new series of films based on Robert E. Howard's mythical conqueror. Paradox Entertainment president-CEO Fredrik Malmberg chose Millennium after extricating the rights from Warner Bros. last spring and putting them on the market with strict progress-to-production provisions in mid-June. The company's aim is to start production by next spring.


Actress Nichelle Nichols told Trek Movie that she'd be joining the show in a recurring role. Thanks to Ryan Gibson Stewart for pointing that out.


The Dundas Star News reports that something green and mean is coming to Dundas, Ontario (apparently about 40 minutes south of Toronto). "Producers of The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, have scouted Dundas for filming locations and may shoot part of the blockbuster movie here next month. Film publicist Karen Pidgurski confirmed the Valley Town has been checked out for the major motion picture ... but Ms. Pidgurski would not give any further details. '(We) might end up there for a couple of days at some point during the next few months,' she said. 'However, that's all the information I am able to give you at this time.'"


Fresh spoilers? They're over at Kryptonsite for the new season's fifth and sixth episodes.


Producer Don Murphy was interviewed by Comingsoon.net about the Grant Morrison adaptation. "He wrote the comic and the script," Murphy said of Morrison, "and it's the most insane mash-up in the history of movies if we pull it off. It's 'The Incredible Journey' meets 'Terminator.' Basically, the animals have been experimented on by the government and they're put into these combat suits, and then they escape and want to go home, and the government's like, 'They're heavily armed. Get them!' It's very cool."


IGN has video and animatics (huh?) for the forthcoming direct-to-DVD animated feature.


Chicago's Fox affiliate is a sure favorite of comics fans, since they're back with fresh video from the set, while Superhero Hype has a set photo of actress Angelina Jolie in a modified Dodge Viper.


"Stardust" opened to a $9,011,000 weekend, and MTV has numerous video clips from creator Neil Gaiman who talks about a wide variety of topics including a flying pirate ship.


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