Shazam! Film's Casting Call Indicates New 52 Version of the Character

After a recent audition tape suggested that Freddy Freeman is set to appear in Shazam!, new casting descriptions reveal the inclusion of more young characters. The characters included were introduced in post-Flashpoint continuity, which suggests we'll see a version of Billy Batson and his costumed alter ego that is similar to the one seen in the New 52.

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The descriptions come from That Hashtag Showwho claims Warner Bros. is searching for actors who will take on the roles of Billy Batson's friends. Check out the character descriptions below.

[DANIEL]11, Korean. Daniel is a smart kid, into video games and reading non-fiction. SUPPORTING

[CARLOS]15, Hispanic, overweight, with asthma. Carlos is very shy and sweet. SUPPORTING

[SUZY]8-10, African American. A sweet, bubbly girl with glasses and pigtails. SUPPORTING

These descriptions fit the characterizations of Eugene Choi, Pedro Pena and Darla Dudley, characters who were introduced into the New 52 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank as friends of both Billy and Freddy. There's no word on Warner Bros. casting for Mary - Billy's twin sister - just yet, but her inclusion in the film seems likely.

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Shazam! is slated to shoot on February 5th until May 4th in Toronto, written and directed by David F. Sandberg. Dwayne Johnson was long attached to Shazam!, ultimately settling on playing the role of the hero’s longtime foe, Black Adam. However, it was announced in January that Johnson won’t appear in Shazam!; instead, he will star in a separate Black Adam movie.

Expected to be the next DC Comics-based film to go into production, Shazam! is rumored to be eyeing such actors as John Cena and Joshua Sasse for the title role. It’s targeted for release in 2019.

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